Fittonia Albivenis disease & prevention

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

Fittonia Albivenis disease & prevention

In  the process of breeding Fittonia Albivenis, common diseases mainly include leaf rot, root rot,and  common pests have scale insects and aphids. It needs leaf rot spraying carbendazim wettable powder 1000 times liquid every week. For rot roots, it requires the timely pruning, and plant Fittonia Albivenis after disinfection. Shell pests can be killed by manual capture if pepper spray is used.

Fittonia Albivenis

Disease control of Fittonia Albivenis

1. Leaf rot

In breeding Fittonia Albivenis, it will often suffer from leaf rot, mainly due to poor ventilation.At this time, we can use drug treatment. Choose 25% carbendazol wettable powder 1000 times liquid spraying once every week, which has prevention effects. If seriously, you need to trim off leaf rot spraying again.

2. Root rot

In aquaculture fittonia Albivenis process if too much water accumulation in the basin, then there will be a root rot, hindering the roots for the absorption of nutrients and intake. If seriously, it will influence the health of the plant. So we need  to clip the rot roots in a timely manner, and use carbendazim reagent soaking root, and choose loose soil for potted plants.

Fittonia Albivenis

Pest control for Fittonia Albivenis

1. Scale insects

The pests and diseases of fittonia albivenis and its prevention and control need to strengthen the ventilation environment in daily life. If poorly ventilated plants are likely to suffer from scale insects, the insect pests can be captured in a timely manner by means of short artificial capture. If the insect pests are minor, pepper spray can be used for treatment.

2, Aphids,

Aphids infestation is very easy to occur in the summer breeding time. We can use some chemical methods. Fittonia Albivenis can be sprayed 40% oxidized dimethoate emulsion every 7 ~ 10 days, which can effectively kill aphids.In daily, it can be placed in the windowsill position, strengthen ventilation management, and can reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Fittonia Albivenis

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