Can Frizzle Sizzle Flower (Albuca Spiralis) Bloom?

Written by Ivy

Nov 23 2021

Can Frizzle Sizzle Flower (Albuca Spiralis) Bloom?
As we all know, Frizzle Sizzle (Albuca Spiralis) is a kind of fleshy plant with personality, and its leaves are curly and lovely like springs. However, frizzle sizzle is not only a foliage plant, but also can produce beautiful flowers. When will frizzle sizzle flower bloom? Will frizzle sizzle die when it blooms? How should frizzle sizzle be cared? Now let's learn about frizzle sizzle flowering.

When does Frizzle Sizzle flower bloom?

Can Frizzle Sizzle Flower (Albuca Spiralis) Bloom?
Frizzle Sizzle blooms from February to April every year, and the flowering period is about three months. When frizzle sizzle blooms, the pedicel is pulled out from the leaves, the florets droop slightly, and the petals are light yellow on the front and yellow green on the back, emitting a faint aroma. frizzle sizzle flower blooms during the day and closes at night. Generally, flowers open during the day and close at night. (Read More about Frizzle Sizzle.)

Will Frizzle Sizzle die when it blooms?

Many people find that the leaves of their own frizzle sizzle gradually wither after flowering. Will frizzle sizzle die when it blooms? In fact, due to the huge nutrient consumption during the flowering period, the ground part of frizzle sizzle will gradually wither after flowering. The bulb began to enter the summer dormancy period and stopped growing. Many people mistakenly thought it was dead. In fact, there is no need to worry. At this time, just cut off the withered leaves of frizzle sizzle, put the plant bulbs and flower pots together in a wet and cool place, and pour a little water when you see that the soil is dry. Slowly, the bulbs of frizzle sizzle will continue to expand, and new leaves will germinate again in autumn.
Can Frizzle Sizzle Flower (Albuca Spiralis) Bloom?

How to Care for Frizzle Sizzle flower during blooming

  • Before frizzle Sizzle flower Blooms: after the summer dormancy period, frizzle sizzle grows vigorously from autumn to the next spring, so nutrient supply needs to be strengthened at this time. It is necessary to apply rotten thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer once a month to provide sufficient nutrients. When the flowers are extracted in the spring of the next year, spray 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution 2 to 3 times to promote flowering.
  • When frizzle Sizzle flower Blooms: frizzle sizzle usually opens when the light is sufficient. If it comes to flowering, it is difficult to bloom in rainy weather or insufficient light. Therefore, during the flowering period of frizzle sizzle, keep light for at least six hours a day, but avoid strong light.
  • After the flower of Frizzle Sizzle: after the flower of frizzle sizzle, if we need to collect seeds, we need to select different plants for artificial pollination. Pay attention to the harvest after the seeds are mature. If we don't keep the seeds, we should cut off the remaining pedicels in time after the flower to avoid consuming too much nutrients.

Precautions for Frizzle Sizzle flower propagation

Frizzle Sizzle likes a cool, humid and sunny environment. Generally, it is best to maintain a temperature of 10 ℃ to 20 ℃ in winter. In this environment, the plant can continue to grow and carry out normal fertilizer and water management. If watering is controlled to make the plant dormant, it can survive the winter safely at no less than 5 ℃. In early summer, with the increase of temperature, the leaves on the ground gradually wither, and the plant enters a dormant state. The dry leaves can be removed to prevent decay and disease.