Brasil Philodendron Care & Propagation Guide

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Nov 02 2021

Brasil Philodendron Care & Propagation Guide
When it comes to Brasil Philodendron, those who like planting flowers should be very familiar with it. Brasil Philodendron is widely planted in the family because its leaves look like hearts and have a certain appreciation value, and because Brasil Philodendron has a certain air purification effect.
Of course, there is another reason why big guys like heart leaf rattan, that is, Brasil Philodendron has particularly lush branches and leaves. If you can trim a particularly good-looking plant type, it is really a good choice to put it at home. However, if you want to plant a good-looking Brasil Philodendron, you must have some experience and methods, Next, let's take a look at the specific and correct ways to plant heart leaf vine. Do you know all the following?

Brasil Philodendron Quick Info

Botanical/Scientific Name Philodendron hederaceum
Common Name Heart Leaf Philodendron
Varieties Heartleaf,Xanadu,Xanadu Golden
Uses House plant in conservatories 
Origin Mexico, Brazil and the West Indies
Light Care Medium or bright indirect light
Soil Care Well-draining soil
Temperature Care Between 70-80 degrees during the day and above 55 degrees at night
Humidity Care Basic household humidity
Watering Dry halfway before watering
Pruning Care Pinch back or trim stems
Fertilizer Care A half-strength monthly dose
Propagation Leaf-and-node cuttings
Toxic Contain calcium oxalate crystals

Brasil Philodendron Care in Detail

Brasil Philodendron Care & Propagation Guide

Brasil Philodendron Watering

In the process of planting flowers and plants, we must master the correct Brasil Philodendron watering method, because different plants need different water, and Brasil Philodendron plants need different water in each growth cycle. This is very important when planting Brasil Philodendron. Of course, the temperature is different in different seasons, and the humidity will be different. For example, when the temperature is relatively high in summer, the water will decrease quickly. At this time, it is necessary to water more heart leaf rattan, otherwise it will be short of water. In winter, the temperature is relatively low and the water evaporation is very slow, so the watering process should be appropriately reduced. However, no matter what season, do not choose noon for the watering period, so as to avoid damage to Brasil Philodendron and death.
During the planting of Brasil Philodendron, most people always think that watering at noon should not cause damage to the plants. In fact, this view is very wrong, because when the temperature is too high at noon, some pores of Brasil Philodendron plants are completely open, and if water is given at this time, The stomata on the surface of Brasil Philodendron plant will be damaged to some extent, and of course, the growth of leaf parts will be limited. Therefore, some plants will die if you give them water at noon. This must be noted in the process of planting Brasil Philodendron.

Brasil Philodendron Soil

Brasil Philodendron soil requires that the soil is loose and not easy to harden. It can be mixed with rotten leaf soil and vegetable garden soil, or sandy loam.

Brasil Philodendron Light

Brasil Philodendron doesn't have strict requirements for light. We usually keep it for four to six hours a day! Brasil Philodendron can be exposed outside for a long time. Sunlight is conducive to the growth of Brasil Philodendron. We need to pay attention in winter. Brasil Philodendron is likely to be frostbitten by the cold air at night, so we need to keep it warm in winter, and the sun in summer should not be too strong. When the sun is too strong, we need to shade it slightly, otherwise it is easy to damage Brasil Philodendron blades!

Brasil Philodendron Temperature

Each plant Brasil Philodendron needs different temperatures during its growth, which has a certain relationship with the different growth needs of plants. Some plants are more suitable to grow in cold areas, because Brasil Philodendron has strong cold resistance. At the same time, the growth of plants also needs low temperature control to grow better. However, when planting heart leaf rattan, the temperature must not be too low. This plant itself likes those warm and humid environments. The temperature most suitable for Brasil Philodendron's growth is usually between 6 and 14 degrees. Therefore, only the temperature suitable for Brasil Philodendron's growth can make it grow better and its branches and leaves more lush.
However, the temperature will vary in different seasons, and the temperature in summer is relatively high. Although Brasil Philodendron likes to grow in places with high temperature, it will also be damaged if the temperature is too high, so we should control the temperature in time in summer. Especially in summer, do not direct the strong light on the branches and leaves of heart leaf vine, which will damage the leaves of Brasil Philodendron. However, in winter, in order to make it carry out photosynthesis well, we can put it in a place with sufficient sunshine for it to enjoy, but we must pay attention to the low temperature in winter. We must pay attention to some thermal insulation measures to avoid frostbite and death of Brasil Philodendron.

Brasil Philodendron Humidity

The humidity requirements of Brasil Philodendron's growth vary with the seasons. In winter, we can appropriately add less water. However, in summer, due to the hot sun, the water evaporation rate is faster than we think, so we can properly pour more water, but we should try to avoid watering it at noon. At noon, the weather is hot, The stomata of the plant are open. At this time, watering will damage the stomata of Brasil Philodendron and restrict the growth of Brasil Philodendron.

Brasil Philodendron Fertilizer

When planting Brasil Philodendron, we need to use slightly acidic soil with good drainage and apply some organic base fertilizer in the soil, so as to provide sufficient nutrition for its later growth and development. When Brasil Philodendron grows vigorously, usually from May to September, we must pay attention to topdressing Brasil Philodendron, but we don't need too much. Generally, we need to apply fertilizer once or twice a month. We can choose some water-soluble fertilizer. Otherwise, Brasil Philodendron's petiole will grow too long and soft, There is no standing effect, so it doesn't look good. Generally, we need to apply liquid fertilizer to Brasil Philodendron once every half a month. Just spray the liquid fertilizer on its leaves, which can make its leaves more dark green for a long time, make the overall shape particularly beautiful and greatly enhance its ornamental. At the end of autumn and winter, Brasil Philodendron will grow very slowly or even stop growing. At this time, fertilization is not allowed, otherwise it will break its dormancy and affect its growth when the temperature rises.

Brasil Philodendron Pruning

When Brasil Philodendron grows for a long time, we need to properly conduct Brasil Philodendron pruning. We need to cut off the long branches and leaves with clean scissors. When pruning, don't be reluctant to cut, but also prune too seriously. It's almost more beautiful than before. Its growth recovery ability is relatively good. Generally, it will not hinder its growth. Pick the heart in spring so that it can branch and grow better.
Brasil Philodendron needs to be pruned according to the plant shape in the process of maintenance. Usually, due to improper maintenance methods, dry, yellow or poor growth branches and leaves will appear on the plant. Such branches and leaves should be cut off in time, otherwise it will affect its normal growth and consume water in the soil. In addition, if there are branches and leaves damaged by diseases and insect pests on the plant, they should be trimmed off and burned together.
After Brasil Philodendron pruning, pay attention to ventilation and open more windows when raising indoors. At the same time, pay attention to water control, and do not pour water on the pruning incision, so as to avoid the muggy and humid environment, which will affect the plant recovery.

Brasil Philodendron Repotting

Brasil Philodendron needs to change the pot once or twice a year. The diameter of the pot should be kept at about 25 ~ 30cm. Brasil Philodendron repotting is best carried out in spring. In warm seasons, less damage can be caused during root shaving. Brasil Philodendron repotting also needs appropriate pruning to ensure the normal growth of plants.

Brasil Philodendron Pest & Disease Control

Brasil Philodendron pest and disease control has always been a work that we must pay attention to in the process of planting potted plants, because most plants will cause certain diseases and insect pests if we pay little attention, and planting Brasil Philodendron is no exception. Brasil Philodendron will produce leaf spot and shoot blight, so observe its growth trend in time and spray some drugs appropriately to avoid the occurrence of diseases and pests, which is also a very important aspect for planting Brasil Philodendron. We must pay attention to it during planting.

Brasil Philodendron Propagation

Brasil Philodendron Care & Propagation Guide

Brasil Philodendron Cutting Propagation

After we successfully planted Brasil Philodendron, many friends want to get a new pot under the condition of good growth. When planting Brasil Philodendron, you must understand its breeding method in order to plant it correctly. In fact, the propagation of heart leaf vine basically uses Brasil Philodendron cutting propagation, that is to cut off the new buds sprouting at the top and then plant them in the soil. However, before selection, it must be noted that it is best to cut off 1 ~ 2 sections with air rooting at the first section at the top, and then select sandy soil or vermiculite as the soil for planting. After planting in the flowerpot, in order to avoid damage, you can first put Brasil Philodendron in some semi shady places for maintenance, and at this time, you must pay attention to giving water first, and then remove all the leaves of the plant, so as to promote the germination of new branches. After the root system grows again, it can be well maintained. Basically, Brasil Philodendron will survive successfully in about two weeks.

Brasil Philodendron Propagation in Water

Brasil philodendron propagation in water is best from May to September. You can cut 2 ~ 3 sections of strong stems and put them directly into a container with water. Be careful not to let the sun shine directly. You can complete the rooting in about 20 days. Be careful not to apply fertilizer. Wait for the root color to grow green, which is a new plant.

Brasil Philodendron Benefits

Brasil Philodendron this plant is non-toxic and can be cultured at home. It has good ornamental value and good maintenance. Although Brasil Philodendron is not poisonous, it should not be eaten by mistake and should take good care of the children at home. Brasil Philodendron has a good purification effect. It can also decorate the home. It can be raised indoors. It has a good beautification and purification effect.
Brasil Philodendron has a good purification effect and is very suitable for raising in the newly decorated room. Brasil Philodendron can absorb a series of harmful gases such as formaldehyde and xylene in the room. In addition, Brasil Philodendron can release oxygen and improve indoor air quality. Moreover, it also has a good decorative effect. It can decorate the home when placed at home.

Brasil Philodendron Care FAQs

How to deal with philodendron brasil yellow leaves?

Brasil Philodendron likes to grow in a semi shady environment. Many people will keep it in the shade of the house. Brasil Philodendron doesn't like sunshine very much, but he can't stay out of sunshine for a long time, otherwise he will have yellow leaves. We should move the plant to a sunny place. There should be no strong light in the maintenance place. It is best to have good astigmatism. If the light is increased properly, the leaves will change from yellow to green after a period of time.
Brasil Philodendron likes to grow in warm places, but if the temperature in the breeding environment is too low, it will be frozen, which will turn the leaves of the plant yellow. We should pay attention to adjusting the temperature or keeping warm from the cold. Brasil Philodendron cannot be frozen. In addition, the simplest way to get more sun is to put it indoors, but pay attention to ventilation indoors.
For the newly bought Brasil Philodendron, it takes time to adapt to the new environment. During this period, it is easy to appear yellow leaves. We should cut off the yellow leaves, but not directly from the bottom, but from the middle part of the petiole to avoid excessive loss of water. When Brasil Philodendron adapts to the new environment, the phenomenon of yellow leaves will disappear.

Why my philodendron brasil turning pink?

The leaves of Philodendron Brasil sometimes turn pink, which seems a little strange. However, this situation may be caused by phlodendron Brasil anthocyanin pigmentation, phosphorus deficiency or excessive sunlight. In addition, insufficient light and underwater operation can also lead to this problem. philodendron brasil turning pink may also be a camouflage to protect the growth of new plants.

Why my philodendron brasil leaves curling?

Philodendron Brasil likes a semi shady growth environment. In summer, the temperature is high and the sun is strong. If it is exposed to the hot sun for a long time, it will be sunburned by the strong sun, resulting in the loss of water on the leaves and the curling of Philodendron Brasil leaves. Philodendron Brasil can be kept in an environment with sufficient astigmatism at ordinary times. It is not allowed to be exposed to strong light. Pay attention to shielding the strong light at noon. If you are accidentally burned, you can cut off the withered and yellow leaves and move them to a cool and ventilated environment for maintenance.
Philodendron Brasil is not suitable for growing in low temperature. When the temperature drops in winter, if the corresponding thermal insulation measures are not taken, once it is kept in low temperature for a long time or blown by cold wind, it will cause frostbite of heart Philodendron Brasil and curl of leaves. Philodendron Brasil shall be kept in a suitable environment at ordinary times. In winter, thermal insulation measures shall be taken, and it shall be moved indoors for maintenance. The minimum temperature shall not be lower than 5 degrees.
Watering is very important to Philodendron Brasil. Too little or too much watering will lead to poor growth and leaf drooping. If the water is insufficient for a long time, it will be dry and lack of water, causing leaves to droop. If you water too much, it will stifle the roots and cause the leaves to curl. When Philodendron Brasil is short of water, it shall be watered in time to supplement water. If it is watered too much, it can promote the drainage of ponding and dispose of rotten roots.
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