5 flowers growing in autumn

Written by Maggie

Jan 18 2021

5 flowers growing in autumn

Each plant flowering time is different, and autumn flowering flowers also have flowers. Usually more common flowers growing in autumn are Sweet osmanthus, marigold, Rhododendron indicum, Cyclamen persicum, and Oncidium hybridum. Such five kinds of flowers have strong growth in the autumn, the most has the ornamental value. At ordinary times they can be potted plants, used to decorate the environment, and so on. The following are 5 flowers growing in autumn.

5 flowers growing in autumn.

1. Growing Sweet osmanthus in autumn

Sweet osmanthus is a common flower tree,  and it is widely distributed in the southern region of China, but there are also a few distributions in the northern region. Generally sweet osmanthus is about in autumn in September to October when the flowers bloom. It will also emit a charming fragrance, and has a high ornamental value.

2. Growing Marigolds in autumn

Marigold has a strong ability to adapt to the environment. It can be potted and maintained at ordinary times. It is generally flowering in July to September in autumn.

3. Growing Rhododendron indicum in autumn

The flowering period of each flower is different, so what are the flowers growing in autumn? Generally, if the autumn temperature of the rhododendron is controlled at about 25℃, and the Rhododendron indicum is sprayed with fertilizer in time, and enough light can make it bloom in autumn. If the usual maintenance is improper, then it will be difficult to open flowers.

4. Growing Cyclamen persicum in autumn

Cyclamen persicum generally blooms in autumn. In the flowering period we need to give it sufficient sunshine, but if its growth temperature is controlled between 15 ~ 22 degrees C, and give it a lot of watering and fertilization, then cyclamen will bloom in autumn, and can be placed in a pot to beautify the environment indoors.

5. Growing Oncidium hybridum in autumn

In fact, oncidium hybridum has a certain resistance to shade. Under normal circumstances, it can be placed in the pot indoor maintenance. When we grow Oncidium hybridum in normal environment maintenance, it will bloom flowers about in October. Then it must be placed in the sun, and we need to apply fertilizer in time, which may extend its flowering period.

5 flowers growing in autumn.