10 flowers suitable for growing in summer

Written by Maggie

Feb 05 2021

10 flowers suitable for growing in summer

Climate in summer is hot, but there are a lot of flowers blooming during the high temperature in summer. Regarding for flowers suitable for growing in summer, the most common are lotus, sunflower, wishbone flower, petunias, jasmine, bougainvillea, desert rose, Brazilian jasmine, periwinkle, canna, etc., not only has a strong ability of resistance to high temperature and is the most beautiful flower in the summer. The following are 10 flowers suitable for growing in summer

10 flowers suitable for growing in summer

1. Growing lotus in summer

In the hot summer season, there are a lot of flowers in full bloom in the summer. What flowers are suitable for growing in the summer? The lotus is the familiar ornamental flowers in summer, the general growth in lakes, ponds, flowering in summer. The requirement of water is extremely high, grows thickly under the environment of high temperature, resistance to very bright light and dark, more are planted in our country, mainly to watch.

2. Growing sunflowers in summer

The flowers and leaves of the sunflower are very small, looking like a small sun, and it has a characteristic that it will blossom only when it sees the sun. It will close in the morning, evening and cloudy days with bright colors. Generally, it blooms in summer, and the flowering period is in summer.

3. Growing Wishbone flower in summer

Wishbone flower is a light-loving plant, especially suitable for summer planting, flowering period in summer. wishbone flower leaves are small and delicate, the flower body is generally lilac, higher requirements for soil, sunlight. Reasonable management of the planting of wishbone flowers can make its branches and leaves more dense, mostly distributed in the tropical and subtropical areas of China.

4. Growing Petunias in summer

Petunia petals are mostly purple in color, but also purple and white in color. Its flowering period is in summer, and it has a high demand for water.

5. Growing Jasmine in summer

Jasmine smell fragrance, is often used to process into perfume and other things, and has a high ornamental value, economic value. Flowers as all white, flowering period in the midsummer period, love warm and humid growth environment, in the south of China are planted, not cold, very suitable for growing in summer.

10 flowers suitable for growing in summer

6. Growing bougainvillea in summer

Bougainvillea is a large ornamental flower, often put in the garden to appreciate. Its petals are rich in color, including red, white and pink, which are very beautiful. It has a long flowering period and flowers all the year round, so it is also loved by many people.

7. Growing desert rose in summer

The desert rose is neither a rose nor a flower in the desert. It is named for its place of origin near the desert and its preference for high temperature and drought tolerance. It has two flowering periods every year.

8. Growing Brazilian jasmine in summer

The brazilian jasmine flower leaves are peach pink, and have the reputation of the "queen of tropical vine". Brazilian jasmine loves warm and humid environment, can also be put in the shade, but it will make the flowers not good, flowering in summer and autumn, often as ornamental plants placed in the garden for people to enjoy.

9. Growing periwinkle in summer

periwinkle flowers and leaves are mostly pink, purple or pure white. Periwinkle likes the high temperature and humidity of the growth environment. In midsummer it needs more water to keep the soil moist, distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places in China.

10. Growing Canna in summer

Canna is a large ornamental plant for horticulture, with a maximum growth of 1.5 meters. It is also known as Red Canna. It is a common flower in tropical and subtropical regions.

10 flowers suitable for growing in summer