Propagation methods of Rose of Sharon

Written by Maggie

Jan 14 2021

Propagation methods of Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon has strong adaptability, so Rose of Sharon can propagate through a variety of propagation methods, such as sowing, cutting, grafting and splitting. Four common propagation methods of Rose of Sharon are sorted out below.

Rose of Sharon

Cutting propagation of Rose of Sharon

Cutting propagation of Rose of Sharon is easier to survive, and some even use long branches, but the depth of soil should reach at least 20cm, otherwise easy to lodge or germinate after shallow roots and susceptible to drought damage; General spring cuttings, in the summer, autumn season can blossom.

Cutting time and method

After the local temperature stability by 15 ℃, choose 1 ~ 2 years of robust, not sprout branches (if the hibiscus branches bud leaf cuttings, new blade should be removed), cut into small segment of 15 ~ 20 cm, cutting to prepare a small stick, according to the plant and row spacing plugged into a small hole in the bed, and then insert the hibiscus branches, soil compaction, soil depth of 10 ~ 15 cm, two-thirds of the buried depth of cutting advisable, immediately after pouring enough water. Cuttings do not need to apply any basal fertilizer. Indoor potted cuttings, choose 1 ~ 2 years of robust branches, about 10cm long, remove the lower leaves, upper leaves cut half, cuttings in a small bowl with coarse sand as the matrix, with plastic cover moisture, maintain high humidity, under the conditions of 18 ~ 25℃, about 20 days can take root.

Cuttings density

The density of transplanting seedling is different from that of direct transplanting. (1) Seedling transplanting method for easy operation, according to the bed width of 100cm, 25cm high to do the bed, according to the plant, row spacing 15× 30cm insertion; (2) Direct transplanting method can be single row according to the plant, row spacing 50×60cm, and can also be inserted in the bed, do 60cm wide, 25cm high in the bed, double row is "product" shape transplanting, plant spacing 60cm. Cultivation can use the characteristics of cuttings in the year of flowering, according to the density of seedling transplanting cuttings, the second year after each spring before germination according to a certain density of seedlings, to ensure that hibiscus growth in the year has enough nutrition space, in order to improve the yield of flowers.

Rose of Sharon

Seed propagation method of Rose of Sharon

Seed propagation method of Rose of Sharon usually takes place in April of spring. After the fruits mature in October, November to December is the best time to pick seeds. After harvest, seeds are stripped and stored at low temperature, and then the seeds are drilled or distributed in April of the next spring. After falling leaves in autumn or before sprout in early spring, dig out the sprouting plants in the rhizosphere and plant them again. Before planting, the roots can be properly pruned, and the aboveground part of the implementation of heavy short cut. Rose of Sharon adaptability, simple cultivation, extensive management, generally can be allowed to grow freely. However, in order to improve its ornamental effect and make its flowers colorful, it should be given necessary management. Hibiscus flowers on the new branches of the current year, and can be properly pruned after falling leaves in the autumn. Trim opportune and opportune dredge cut and shortcut photograph union, right long branch moderate shortcut, sparse had been to dense branch, fine weak branch, make nutrition concentration, plump. In the middle of April, late spring after the germination of the plant, and we should apply 1 time of fertilizer, and real-time watering, to ensure that the soil of fertilizer and water is sufficient. When hibiscus colonization, planting holes to put base fertilizer, generally no longer fertilize. Before spring bud germination to summer flowering period, see the weather irrigation 2~3 times. In the rainy season, drainage is needed to prevent waterlogging. After autumn frost before irrigation a previous frost. Late summer and early autumn should not be irrigation, so as not to fall shoot growth too tender and reduce cold resistance. 5~6 years of seedling overwintering, should be taken to prevent cold measures, such as root soil, etc.

Layering propagation method of Rose of Sharon

Because wood cross branches are easy to take root, before spring germination, dig shallow ditches beside the mother plant, press the 1-year old branches to the small ditches horizontally, cultivate soil, keep the soil moist in the ditches, and take root quickly. After autumn leaves are cut off from the base of the batten, and then dig out the seedlings into seedlings.

Division propagation method of Rose of Sharon

Before sprouting in early spring, the adult plants with vigorous growth were dug up and planted according to the plant and row spacing of 50×60cm with 3 main branches as one cluster.

Rose of Sharon