How to Propgate Artemisia Argyi

Written by Maggie

Oct 30 2021

How to Propgate Artemisia Argyi

The main propagation methods of Artemisia argyi is seeding and rhizome fractionation. Sowing is usually carried out in March in the spring, while rhizome separation is usually carried out in November. Below, I will briefly share these two propagation methods of Artemisia argyi for everyone.

Artemisia argyi

Artemisia Argyi Seed Propagation

To seed propagation of Artemisia argyi, Artemisia argyi must first obtain seeds. The best way to harvest the seeds is to use 2-3 year old plants. After October or November, when the Artemisia argyi's seeds are fully ripe, the fruit will turn thin and pale yellow-green, then cut off the seeded branches. It is then spread out to dry, and then deseeded and screened for robust seeds.

Once the seeds are harvested, they are generally stored in a cool, dry place. But sow in time for next spring, or the seeds will lose their ability to germinate after summer. Even if planted in the afternoon, it is difficult to bud.

In the spring, we will take out the artemisia argyi seeds stored in time for sowing and breeding. Southern region generally in the spring of 2-3 months for sowing, and might as well the region is generally a little later, and it can be in the spring of 3-4 months for sowing. And after sowing mulch soil should not be later, about 0.5 cm thickness is more appropriate.

After the emergence of artemisia argyi seeds, it is necessary to thin and loosen the soil in time to improve the looseness of the soil. When the seedlings grow to about 10-15 cm, we can transplant them for pot transplanting. After taking the pot, the maintenance and management of potted plants can be resumed.

Artemisia argyi

Artemisia Argyi Division Propagation

If a large area of cultivation is carried out by a farmer, the rhizome propagation method of Artemisia argyi can be applied. Of course, individual users also can use, just use less just, spring and autumn season can undertake. Usually, perennial Artemisia argyi roots are dug out completely before germination in early spring, and then the tender stems are cut into 10-12 cm long segments.

Once the roots are cut, leave them to dry for half a day. After the wound has coagulated and dried, replant the soil.If the soil is dry during cultivation, water in time after planting; If it is cultivated in moist soil, no watering is needed in the short term after cultivation. After the seedlings come out, you can loosen the soil weeding, and do a good job of water and fertilizer management.

Artemisia argyi