How to propagate white stonecrop

Written by Maggie

Feb 04 2021

How to propagate white stonecrop

How to propagate White stonecrop? White stonecrop can generally be propagated by cutting and sowing. Flower friends can choose the appropriate propagation method combined with their own conditions. The following are details of white stonecrop propagation methods.

propagate White stonecrop

Sowing propagation method of white stonecrop

White stonecrop propagation can be carried out by sowing. white stonecrop seeds are scattered on sand beds, the soil is properly moisturized, and the temperature is controlled at 18-21 degrees. Generally, White stonecrop seeds germinate 12-15 days after sowing.

White stonecrop propagation methods of shoot insertion

When we carried out white stonecrop propagation methods of shoot insertion, adult branches were selected and cut off. White stonecrop branches were cut with branches 5-7cm long as cuttings. White stonecrop branches were dried and then inserted into the prepared soil in the pot.

White stonecrop propagation method of leaf insertion

When applying the leaf insertion propagation method of White stonecrop, pick mature and plump leaves and pick them off. Ventilate the leaves and dry the wounds. Then sprinkle the fleshy leaves on the sand bed, and spray water into the soil when dry.

propagate white stonecrop