How to propagate Water spinach

Written by Maggie

Dec 21 2020

How to propagate Water spinach

Water spinach can be used to propagate either asexually or by seed. What is Water spinach asexual reproduction? What is sexual reproduction of a Water spinach? How to grow Water olive? Below are two propagation methods of Water spinach .

Water spinach

Water spinach seed propagation method

The rind of Water spinach is thick, hard, dark brown, with 200 to 300 seeds per 10 grams, and flowering varieties promote flowering and firmness under short sunshine conditions.

There are two ways to propagate Water spinach seeds, namely direct seeding and transplanting, which can be started in warm spring. The seeding time in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River is usually in April due to the late warm spring. If the insulated seedbed is used, sowing can be done in March, and the open-field cultivation can be done in April ~ July by stages.

If you want to seed Water spinach in early spring, it will grow slowly due to the low temperature and rainy weather, and rot easily. If you want to seed Water spinach, soak the seed before sowing to accelerate the germination, and cover the seedling with a thin film or greenhouse, it will not only rot, but also be ready for market.

Before sowing, the soil should be carefully prepared, 60~80 CTS of organic fertilizer should be applied to each acre, and then sowing. If you want to plant a large Water spinach, cover it with loose soil or ash, which will help the seeds sprout and take root. If you want to thin the seedlings 3 centimeters high, you can plant them in batches, and finally, you can plant them at a distance of 15-20 centimeters. Transplants should transplant large plants in batches at 15~20 cm in height.

Water spinach

Asexual propagation methods of Water spinach

If you want to harvest Water spinach, it is difficult to plant it under long sunshine conditions in northern China. If you want to harvest Water spinach, it will not be able to bloom in The Yangtze River basin or south China. Or if it only blooms, it will not be strong enough, so it can only propagate asexual.

If desired, bud can be harvested in February, in March, and in late April. If desired, it can be planted in July, but the harvest time is too late.

If you want to grow your own Water spinach, you can easily become an asexual. Some places will be the year before the good plant stumps directly planted in the field. Seedling grows 35 centimeters above when undertaken pressing, in order to send new roots again, promote new seedlings. After often pressing, till they are full of the whole field, collect in batches by stages again appear on the market or transplanting. Alternatively, the stems left in the previous year can be placed in a warm seedbed of 20~25 degrees to accelerate the buds. When the seedlings are 10~20 cm high, they are inserted in the leeward to the sun, warm and fertile soil to expand the propagation coefficient.

Water spinach can be divided into dryland Water olive and paddy Water olive according to its adaptability to Water. If you want to propagate by using the above methods, either dry soil or paddy field, you should choose a fertile place with leeward and sun, and pay attention to shallow muddy feet and shallow Water layer to improve the ground temperature and speed up the propagation.

Water spinach