How to care for Water spinach

Written by Maggie

Dec 21 2020

How to care for Water spinach

Water spinach is a popular vegetable and has a wide range of plantations. If its leaves turn yellow, it may be due to overwatering during planting or long-term dehydration. It may also be due to a lack of nutrients and sunlight. Here are some caring tips for Water spinach leaves yellowing and pests.

Water spinach

How to care for Water spinach leaves yellowing

1. Watering for Water spinach

If you want to plant a Water garden, you should not overwater it, as it will cause oxygen shortage in the soil, make the root rot, hinder the normal respiration and the absorption of Water and nutrients, and cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off. If this happens, you should immediately control watering, stop fertilizing, and loosen the soil frequently to ensure good soil ventilation.

If you are planting Water spinach, you may be afraid of watering it too much, but you should not Water it too little, otherwise it will be wet at the top and dry at the bottom for a long time, which will affect the absorption of nutrients, and cause the leaves to become dull, dull, and droopy.

2. Fertilizer for Water spinach

If the soil is not fertilized for a long time, the nutrients in the soil will be scarce, which will lead to the thin and yellow leaves of Water olive. Timely fertilization is needed to supplement the nutrients, and thin liquid or organic fertilizer can be gradually applied.

3. Sunlight for Water spinach

If placed in shade or under light for a long time, it will grow empty and its leaves will be thin and yellow, so plant it in a sunny place to encourage growth.

Water spinach

How to care for Water spinach having pests

The main diseases are cataplexy, grey mildew, white rust, brown spot, etc., and the main pests are cabbage, plutella xyloides, noctuidae, aphids, etc. Next, I'll describe in detail several Water bullying and pest control methods.

1. Anthrax

Agricultural control: early maturity and weather - resistant varieties are selected. Combined with harvest, timely picking and marketing, improve plant permeability.

Chemical control: Stage seedbed, into plants start spraying 70 {bf} carbendazim wettable powder 800-1000 times liquid or 50 {bf} thiram powder 600 ~ 800 times liquid, more than 40 {bf} sulfur containing 500 ~ 600 times liquid, 77 {bf} can kill 600 times liquid, 10 {bf} phenyl ether JiaHuan azole water dispersible granule (high) 50 ~ 75 g/mu, {bf} 80 bordeaux mixture wettability fluid (essential) 300 ~ 500 times liquid, 25 {bf} bromine fungus nitrile wettable powder (2000 ~ 2500 times liquid carbon trane) once every 10 days, 2 ~ 3 times in a row.Discontinue medication 5 days before harvest. 

2. Leaf spot

Agricultural control methods:

Remove dead leaves and diseased bodies from the ground in winter, and combine with deep turning.bAccelerate the decay of diseased bodies.

(2) The serious disease field implements 1 ~ 2 years rotation.

Chemical control: Spraying 1:0.5 in the initial stage of disease:160 ~ 200 bordeaux mixture, or 45 {bf} generation, ammonium water 1000 times liquid, or 75 {bf} chlorothalonil wettable powder 600 ~ 700 times liquid, 58 {bf} a cream or spirit manganese zinc wettable powder 500 times liquid, and 50 {bf} mi fresh amine wettable powder of money (poly) 35 ~ 75 g/mu, 70 {bf} c, zinc wettable powder (aetna) 150 ~ 220 g/mu, 10 {bf} stupid ether JiaHuan azole water dispersible granule (high) 35 ~ 50 grams/mu, prevention and control of every 7 to 10 days, prevention and treatment of 2 ~ 3 times in a row.

3. White rust

Agricultural control methods:

Select disease-free seeds.

The disease is limited to the infection of convolvulaceae vegetables, after 2 ~ 3 years of crop rotation, the disease prevention effect is good. Pay attention to field drainage, sparse plant ventilation.

Chemical control:

Mix seed agent with seed weight 0.3 {bf} 35 {bf} armour cream. In the initial stage of the disease, 58 {bf} a frost ling manganese zinc wettable powder 500 times liquid, 40 {BF} three ethyl phosphonate aluminum (frost epidemic ling) wettable powder 250 ~ 300 times liquid, every 7 ~ 10 days once, continuous prevention and treatment for 2 ~ 3 times. 

Water spinach

4. Twill moth

Agricultural control methods:

(1) timely removal of weeds in the field, take measures such as autumn overturning winter tillage to eliminate overwintering pupae.

(2) Pay attention to the timely removal of ovum in the field and injured leaves.

(3) Trapping and killing of adults: the ratio of sugar, vinegar, wine and water was 3:4:1:2 in the occurrence period of adults, and a small amount was added to trap and kill the adults.

(4) Chemical control should be carried out when 1 ~ 2 instar larvae live in groups.