How to propagate Stomatium niveum

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

How to propagate Stomatium niveum

Stomatium niveum is a succulent plant that does not grow very large, and its small yellow flowers add a lot of character to the plant. If you want to propagate more Stomatium niveum plants do you know how to do that? Now let's tell you about Stomatium niveum's propagation methods.

Stomatium niveum can be propagated by cutting propagation and sowing propagation. Cutting propagation is the main method, but sowing can also be used to propagate.

Stomatium niveum's propagation methods

Cutting propagation of Stomatium niveum

When we carry out cutting propagation of stomatium niveum, first we need to choose a plant grow very well, no plant diseases and insect pests Stomatium niveum plants, and then from stomatium niveum cut off a branch of the plant. Just don't cut directly from the branches of the cutting. We need to place it in a cool and well-ventilated place for a period of time, wait until the branches of wound healing insert it into the soil, and then put it in a well ventilated, light and temperature appropriate place. Over a period of time after cutting propagation of Stomatium niveum, cutting branches will bring forth the root, but because the process is slow, we must wait patiently. Cutting propagation of Stomatium niveum with the soil must be selected drainage, good air permeability matrix, so that you can ensure better growth of cuttings. For its watering must not be too much, to avoid the phenomenon of rooting cuttings caused by water, so keep the matrix slightly moist.

Sowing propagation method of Stomatium niveum

Sowing propagation of Stomatium niveum is much more difficult than other methods of propagation, so it is not recommended for beginners to sow Stomatium niveum directly. Stomatium Niveum's propagation method of sowing involves collecting seeds for planting and then replanting them in the spring. The substrate for sowing propagation should be loose, breathable and nutritious, and the wetness of the substrate should be kept slightly moist.

The above is the introduction of Stomatium niveum propagation methods. I hope these introductions will be helpful to your practical operation. Attention must be paid to the details of Stomatium niveum in order to improve the survival rate of propagation of Stomatium niveum plants.

Stomatium niveum's propagation methods