How to propagate Rhombophyllum nelii

Written by Maggie

Feb 05 2021

How to propagate Rhombophyllum nelii

How to propagate Rhombophyllum nelii? Rhombophyllum nelii flower stems have short nodes, much branched. Leaves are concentrated in the branch top, opposite, slender and laterally flat, apex two cracks, the outer arc, like a knife. Now, let's look at the Rhombophyllum nelii propagation methods.

Rhombophyllum nelii sowing propagation method

Sowing is generally the patient flower friend's choice for propagating Rhombophyllum nelii.The basin soil should choose the sandy soil with medium fertility, and the soil should be slightly moist and water should be put an end to.

Rhombophyllum nelii beheading propagation

The propagation method of rhombophyllum nelii beheading is less used. After beheading propagation, pay attention to when watering, do not go to the old plant heart watering, prevent decay.

The old Rhombophyllum nelii are very beautiful, and of course don't neglect the new plants cut down for planting!

propagate Rhombophyllum nelii

Rhombophyllum nelii lateral bud cutting propagation

When we carry out the Rhombophyllum nelii lateral bud cutting propagation, cut the end of the tender head cuttage, and can not only make the old plant type close. New strains are resistant and strong!

Rhombophyllum nelii cross-pollination propagation

Rhombophyllum nelii's pistils and stamens are not on the same plant, so there is no way to self-pollinate. So those who want their flowers to produce seeds and propagate can use cross-pollination propagation methods.

propagate Rhombophyllum nelii