How to propagate Grape

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to propagate Grape

Many people are concerned about propagating grape when they grow grade. In the following, we will introduce grape propagation methods.

propagation method of grape

Cutting propagation method of grape

The main points of grape cutting propagation: The cutting propagation time should choose summer. In this period of time, cutting propagation has a high survival rate; Second, cuttings should choose a long growth year, lignified, yellow-brown bud spring vine; Three is, before cutting propagation of grape, we should use root powder dipping root, in order to improve the living rate; Four is, after cutting propagation, in the growth of a period of time, every 10 days on the water. But be careful not to overhydrate. Otherwise, soil moisture is too much, the ground temperature is reduced, soil aeration is bad, can affect growth.

Layering propagation method of grape

The layering propagation method of grape is estimated that not many people contact, do not know much about it. Therefore, it is necessary to explain what layering propagation is. Layering propagation of grape is completed above the mother plant, is to select one or two years of growth, after segmenting the ring stripping, to be buried in the soil in a wavy shape, buried a section of exposed a bud. Before taking root, the mother plant supplies it with water and nutrients to grow leaves, branches, and some even fruits, until its roots are basically formed and can survive independently.

propagation method of grape

Grafting propagation method of grape

There are three grafting propagation methods: split grafting, long cut grafting and bud grafting propagation.

Split grafting propagation of grape is to expose the upper end of the scion wound and petiole, tendrils wound, with film sealing moisturizing, looks like a hat.

A long cut is to make full use of the grape internode length, to create a larger healing surface. At 1/3 of the wider side of the scion, use a double-sided blade from bottom to top, straight and smooth, cut to the bud, corresponding brick and wood, ear and anvil tightly wrapped.

Grafting propagation of grape is general easy tear when in summer and fall cortex, with 1 ~ 3 CM diameter, rootstock advisable, and has removed the blade leaving petioles grafting branches, choose robust full bud, a CM above the bud to cut a knife, deep in the xylem, again from the buds of 1.5 CM, cut from down to up, with the xylem. Make blade intersect with the edge of crosscutting, special shaving for shield bud piece, and then the lateral pushing bud piece with your thumb. Select the smooth part of the shady side for grape grafting propagation of the stock 10-15cm away from the ground, make a transverse cut with a bud grafting knife, and make a vertical multiple cut from the center of the transverse cut, about 1.5~2CM long, cut off the cortex and form a "T" shaped incision on the stock.

propagation method of grape