How to propagate Doily Crassula

Written by Maggie

Feb 04 2021

How to propagate Doily Crassula

It is not difficult for Doily Crassula to propagate. The method of Doily Crassula propagation can generally be carried out by beheading and cutting propagation. The following are 2 propagation methods of Doily Crassula.

Cutting propagation method of Doily Crassula

1. Doily Crassula cutting propagation time

Doily Crassula is best used for cutting propagation during its growing season. But it is best not to choose in the hot summer and cold winter, which will reduce the survival rate of cuttings. It is better to choose in the autumn when the temperature is more moderate, which is more helpful for cutting shoots to take root.

2. Choose branches and buds for propagation

Selecting good cuttings is an important step in Doily Crassula's cutting propagation method. A good cutting bud will not only increase the survival rate of the plant but also produce the best quality plant. doily crassula cutting propagation selects the healthiest branch bud with growth points and directly cuts 3 ~ 5 cm from the tip of the bud.

3. Dry incision for cutting propagation

Doily Crassula is a succulent plant that must be dried in the shade before cutting propagation. Doily Crassula is no exception. Doily Crassula is placed in a cool, airy environment and the cuttings are dried. To increase the chances of Doily Crassula's cuttings surviving, add a dash of cinnamon to the cut.

propagate Doily Crassula

4. Loose soil for cutting propagation

Doily Crassula likes loose soil and pays top attention to its air permeability and water permeability. It is best to use peat soil and cinder with a bit of perlite to ensure that the soil from Doily Crassula's cuttings is both breathable and water-permeable. The peat soil also has the nutrients the plant needs. When we apply cutting propagation of Doily Crassula, we should be noted that do not use leaf rot soil, there will be pathogens and corrosiveness of the possible.

5. Cutting into the soil

Then, as long as Doily Crassula is cut into the soil, the depth of the soil is 1-2 cm, and then the soil around the shoot and bud is pressed down a bit by hand. Then put it in a cool, shady place and wait for the plants to germinate after the first small amount of water.

Beheading propagation method of Doily Crassula

When we carry out the beheading propagation method of Doily Crassula, choose a healthy growth point of branches, in accordance with 3 to 5 centimeters high about a section of cut, dry cuttings, can also be directly cuttings in dry granular soil, a few days later a small amount of water supply, is a very good breed, leaves and leaves between easy to grow a lot of small roots. When it touches the right soil, it sets the roots firmly in. Beheaded propagation also has the advantage that it can make the mother plant get a better shape, the flower friends can try, the place after the beheading will re-germinate a new growth point, some will germinate 2 branches.

propagate Doily Crassula