How to propagate CrassulaVo lkensii

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

How to propagate CrassulaVo lkensii

How to propagate CrassulaVo lkensii? The succulent CrassulaVo lkensii is particularly branched and prone to clumping. The leaves are roughly findle-shaped and very close together. The color of the leaves is green with a lot of light brown markings on them, which looks very artistic.The flowers are small in size, white in color, and yellow in the center. It looks very nice, but it takes a long time to bloom. How to propagate CrassulaVo lkensii? Let's see.

1. Sowing propagation of CrassulaVo lkensii

In many succulents, with the exception of a few species that are pollinated by flowers, others require manual intervention. Because its life is short, so the seeds generally if in normal temperature state down last year, so the chances of its germination is very small, so we have to turn it off after the seeds mature immediately, so we can very good to make it faster germination. When we carry out sowing propagation of CrassulaVo lkensii, choose a bit soft soil, permeability is better also, then the proper water, give a little more light, it could soon sprout.

propagate CrassulaVo lkensii

2. Cutting propagation of CrassulaVo lkensii

Leaves insertion propagation of CrassulaVo lkensii: we can take some of its thick leaves, and then put it on the moist, loose soil, this will be able to quickly grow roots.

Stem insertion propagation of CrassulaVo lkensii: we can also in its propagation, combined with pruning plastic, can cut off its branches as cuttings, and then to put it surface above the clean, after a little dry cuttings, this effect will be better, but also let the survival rate is higher.

Thong: we can give it a bit more a bit thick and rich, mature roots cut down, and then bury it in the sand bed, make it a little bit to reveal to the top of the maintain moist and some enough light, so you can quickly from its root minister come out a lot of new bud, gradually formed a few small plants.

3. Grafting propagation of CrassulaVo lkensii

Generally we can also through the grafting propagation method to let CrassulaVo lkensii propagate, but the grafting propagation we must do the operation of a little faster, and also a little more skilled, so as to be able to more successfully let it propagate. Otherwise, it's not very easy to survive.

propagate CrassulaVo lkensii