How to propagate Common fig

Written by Maggie

Jan 29 2021

How to propagate Common fig

Common Fig has a variety of propagation methods, such as cuttings, division and layering, which can propagate Common Fig. For Common florists, cutting propagation is the simplest and fastest way and has the advantages of maintaining variety characteristics and fast propagation. Now, let's see the propagation methods of Common Fig.

propagation methods of Common Fig

Cutting propagation method of the common fig

Cutting propagation method of Common fig are generally carried out in the middle and late March of the year, can also be carried out in summer, summer cuttings can be selected half lignified Common fig branches, summer cuttings generally only need a month to take root.

If you choose to carry out cutting propagation of Common fig in the middle and late spring, to carefully select branches, generally choose one to three years of life without germination of robust branches, see this branch cut down, the length of the general in thirty to fifty centimeters. Insert the cuttings into the soil at an Angle, about two-thirds of the way through, then fill in the soil. Immediately cover with water, taking care to keep the soil moist. Common fig cutting propagation can also be buried in wet fine sand, and cuttings can be made when the cuttings form a callus.

Division propagation method of the common fig

Propagation by division usually takes place in spring. During propagation by cutting, the soil at the root of the Common fig will be dissected. At this time, some roots will sprout at the root of Common Fig. We need to cut and dig out these roots together with the roots, and then directly plant these roots in the soil to complete Common Fig division propagation.

Layering propagation method of the common fig

In fact, Common fig layering propagation is the same as the gentle propagation of Common flowers and plants. The branches of figs close to the ground are buried in the soil, and when the nodules of the branches in the soil have roots, the branches can be cut off, and then the new branches with roots are planted in the soil and carefully maintained.

propagation methods of Common Fig