How to Propagate Chinese Bayberry

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Nov 08 2021

How to Propagate Chinese Bayberry

Chinese bayberry cultivars are numerous and can be divided into white species, red species and black species according to the fruit color. In addition to being a kind of fruit, it is also of great ornamental value. The propagation methods of Chinese bayberry include sowing propagation, grafting propagation, cutting propagation and division propagation.

propagation methods of Chinese bayberry

Chinese Bayberry Propagation from Seed

Mature chinese bayberry fruits were selected, the pulp was peeled off with a knife to get seeds, and then dried in a cool place. The seeds for sowing propagation were preserved by a wet sand stratification storage method. When the next spring comes, the seeds will be sown in a slightly acidic sandy soil with good air permeability, and then the transparent plastic film can be covered to create a microclimate, heat preservation and moisture to promote germination, and the seedlings can be used as seedlings in the second year after emergence.

Chinese Bayberry Propagation from Grafting

Generally in spring, annual Chinese bayberry seedlings after the removal of leaves are selected as rootstocks. When we apply grafting propagation of Chinese bayberry, the part above 5 ~ 6 cm above the ground is cut off, and 1 ~ 2 years old Chinese bayberry branches in the full fruit period of robust growth and free of diseases and pests are collected as scions. Generally, the scion is about 10 cm long and has 9-10 buds. The grafting propagation of Chinese bayberry was carried out in fine weather. Field practice showed that after grafting, the roots of the seedlings were sprayed with a small pot and covered with plastic film. After 1 to 2 weeks of interface healing, the survival rate of seedlings was higher in the large field.

propagation methods of Chinese bayberry

Chinese Bayberry Propagation from Division

Chinese bayberry cutting propagation method is commonly used in plant transplanting, 3 ~ 4 years of Chinese bayberry transplantation, best before transplantation, and it should be at the bottom net-poles. Sufficient basal is important to note that the Chinese bayberry went to take soil mass of transplanting, prevent root damage and water evaporation, the Chinese bayberry seedlings on need to dig the soil mass of surrounding soil, the rope tied to the soil ball, prevent soil loose.

Chinese Bayberry Propagation from Cutting

1. Cutting propagation time

In fact, Chinese bayberry is a kind of tree species that is difficult to take root from cuttings, and the probability of survival from cutting propagation is very small. But it is not not good, it is best to choose in spring cuttings. Moderate temperature will make the plants more likely to survive, and in the growing period of Chinese bayberry trees, it is conducive to the root and germination of the plants.

2. Choose branches and buds for cutting propagation

Many flower friends doubt whether Chinese bayberry trees can be propagated by cutting. In fact, because they did not choose the most suitable cuttings buds for cutting propagation. Strong shoots that have been semi-lignified for more than a year should be selected in summer from the fruiting trees. Use the scissor that had gone away poison finally, cut the branch bud 12 ~ 15 cm can.

3. Deal with shoots and buds for cutting propagation

Because the cuttings of Chinese bayberry trees contain a kind of rooting obstruction called "tannin", so the shoots must be treated to make them take root and germinate smoothly. It had better be the cutting bud bubble is inside 01.% nitric acid silver solution. 

4. Chinese bayberry cutting propagation method

The cuttings for cutting propagation of Chinese bayberry were planted in the soil most suitable for the growth of Chinese bayberry, and the depth of the cuttings into the soil was kept at 1/3 of the branch buds. Dig the soil into a small hole 5 cm deep with your hands and insert the shoots directly into it. Finally, the soil is slightly compacted, sprinkled with water, and then the plants can be shaded. Note that the lower leaves of the cuttings should be removed, leaving only the top 3 leaves.

propagation methods of Chinese bayberry

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