How to grow Sinningia leucotricha

Written by Maggie

Oct 26 2021

How to grow Sinningia leucotricha

To grow Sinningia leucotricha, you can grow it in well-drained sandy loam or leaf rot soil. During curing, the ambient temperature can be stabilized at 25 ~ 30 degrees, and Sinningia Leucotricha should be given sufficient light and moisture. During the curing period, please pay attention to the strong and hot sun in summer, so shade work should be done for Sinningia Leucotricha.

Sinningia leucotricha

1. Soil for Sinningia leucotricha

Sinningia leucotricha is a large globulin of the gesneriaceae family. sinningia leucotricha has strong adaptability and grows mostly in stone creases or walls. To breed Sinningia leucotricha, use fertile sandy loam or leaf rot soil that is loose, breathable and well drained to promote root growth.

2. Temperature for Sinningia leucotricha

Sinningia Leucotricha is warm, hardy and suitable for growing in warm, dry and well ventilated climates. The temperature suitable for Sinningia leucotricha growth is between 25 and 30 degrees, and the winter temperature is above 5 degrees. In summer, the temperature is high. During curing, please note that Sinningia leucotricha may not grow properly if the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees.

Sinningia leucotricha

3. Light for Sinningia leucotricha

Sinningia Leucotricha is light loving and suitable for growing in well-lit environments. In spring and autumn, the light is mild, so Sinningia leucotricha can be moved to the outdoor position with sufficient light to give it sufficient light. Sinningia Leucotricha is not resistant to strong light. In summer, it is necessary to do shade work because there is much strong sun. Please move Sinningia Leucotricha to a cool and ventilated place for curing.

4. Water for Sinningia leucotricha

Sinningia Leucotricha requires higher water requirements during growth and requires proper watering. Sinningia Leucotricha does not tolerate waterlogging, but sufficient moisture is required during curing, and the air and soil must be moist. If the weather is drier, you need to increase the amount of water and spray the surroundings of the Sinningia leucotricha to cool and moisten it. Know more about how to propagate Sinningia Leucotricha.

Sinningia leucotricha