How to grow pineapple from a crown bud

Written by Maggie

Jan 25 2021

How to grow pineapple  from a crown bud

Pineapple originated in Brazil and was introduced into China in the 16th century. It has more than 70 varieties and is one of the four famous fruits in Lingnan. It takes a lot of patience to grow a pineapple in a pot at home, because it takes about two to three years from the shoot to the first pineapple fruit, and because of the cultivation conditions and other objective reasons, it may not be able to grow the fruit smoothly, just like the potted pitaya. But you can grow it as an interesting houseplant, and if you harvest a small fruit, it will be a pleasant surprise. With that in mind, let's start our tutorial on growing pineapple from a crown bud now!

1. Prepare tools/raw materials for growing pineapple

Pineapple crown bud, knife, water cup ,culture soil, flower pot.

2. Get a healthy pineapple for growing pineapple 

Buy a box of pineapple, healthy pineapple for growing. Let's check whether the leaves of the bud bud are strong and green, and the fruit of the pineapple should not be too green. I suggest more than two or three in case of planting failure, hehe. Check the leaves carefully for insects and give the leaves a gentle tug. 

grow pineapple  from a crown bud

3. Prepare to grow crown buds of pineapple

The crown bud is the top part of a pineapple fruit. It's the most nutritious part, so it's best for growing! Some people buy the buds from pineapple stalls and plant them. We cut off the shoot, just cut it at the border, no pulp left. You'll see dots on the cut surface, and that's the root primordium, from which roots will grow. Carefully tear off the small leaf at the bottom to expose the white part, trying not to destroy the root primordium beneath the leaf mark. Then lay the buds horizontally in an airy place and let them hang for two days until the cut is dry and healed. This is to prevent decay, so don't be hasty.

grow pineapple  from a crown bud

4. Crown bud urge root for growing

By the way, this time we will use the bottle root method to grow a pineapple, which is very good! We dangle the buds over the top of the bottle, as close to the water as possible but not touching them. Roots grow better in dark or opaque containers, but for the purposes of hydroponics, ordinary glass bottles are fine.  

grow pineapple  from a crown bud

5. Transplant crown buds for growing pineapple 

If the roots are soil grown, they will be ready for transplantation when the roots are 0.5cm long. Planting substrates that need to be well drained can be mixed with perlite. In terms of watering, the soil should always be kept slightly moist, but not wet (which will promote decay), nor dry. It will take six to eight weeks for the stem to really sprout strong roots. Do not rush the process, avoid frequent watering and fertilization, at this point must be careful.

grow pineapple  from a crown bud