How to grow lily

Written by Maggie

Feb 02 2021

How to grow lily

How to grow lily? The following are steps to grow lily.

Choose the balls of lily to grow

The three varieties are the white-flowered Siberia 16-18, the pink flowered Tiber 14-16 and the yellow-flowered Mumen (also known as Congadeo) 16-18. The specifications of lily balls are calculated according to the circumference. Generally, the three specifications of lily balls are 14-16,16-18 and 18-12. The bigger the balls are, the more flowers they will open. The balls have sprouted, and the buds are about three centimeters long.

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Trim root at the bottom of the bulb of growing lily

Trim the bad roots under the bulb. Cut off rotten roots or bad roots!Be careful to prune only the bad roots!

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Disinfect seed ball before growing lily

We will prune a good seed ball with water rinse, put 800-1000 times of poly mycelium solution inside soak disinfection for half an hour.

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Choose a flower pot for growing lily

We use an AC300 size flower pot with an inside diameter of 24 cm.

To ensure water permeability, place a layer of broken plastic foam at the bottom of the flowerpot. Fill the soil for growing lily

The soil into the flowerpot, about 10 cm can be loaded. Soil selection of soft acid soil, because the map is convenient.I use the base soil for seedling growth.

Add seed balls for growing lily 

Add 5-10g compound fertilizer into the subsoil if possible. I didn't add fertilizer. Place the sterilized bulbs in the pot, with the bottoms of the three facing each other at an Angle of about 60 degrees.

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Cover the seeds of lily to grow

Add soil to the bowl and cover the seeds. In order to make the germination of the ball smooth, the tip of the bud exposed soil about 0.5 cm. Remember not to add soil to the edge of the pot. We will need to add soil later as the plant grows to ensure more roots and stems, which is very important in potting lilies.

Water the seeds of lily to grow

After planting, pour permeable. Keep in a cool place to promote growth and root growth. Waiting to grow. Two days later, I had grown a little bit. A little spray of water with a watering can!

On the fourth day, the balls grew a little taller and began to turn a little green! We need to consider adding soil.

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Add soil decisively for growing lily

Adding a sprinkling can add a little water after the soil, keep the soil moist. The buds were buried again. Before adding soil, they were 4 to 5 centimeters above the surface. Now they are only 1 to 2 centimeters above the surface.

On the twelfth day, it has grown a lot taller. The big Siberia has been about 8 cm higher than the edge of the basin. The small Tiber is even with the edge of the basin!

We should add soil again, spread a thin layer of commodity organic fertilizer first!

Add soil. Now that the soil is only 4-5cm thick from the edge of the pot, the depth of the balls is sufficient. Water with a watering can to keep the soil moist. The temperature today was 27 degrees during the day. The temperature now is 22 degrees.

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Fertilize seedlings of lily to grow

Fertilizer is available, but preferably at this stage with a fertilizer high in phosphorus. Phosphorus helps plants grow new roots! No more than 600 times as much fertilizer, too much fertilizer will burn to the roots!

On day 22, it was 15 centimeters high. a 700 times solution of 15:30:15 composite fertilizer at the seedling stage was applied.

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