How to grow grape from seedlings

Written by Maggie

Jan 28 2021

How to grow grape from seedlings

Autumn to the spring of the next year is the best time to plant seedlings. During this period, the earlier the better planting, slow seedling time is more sufficient, is conducive to the growth of the root system, restore the true potential. The following is about what steps to grow grape from seedlings.

1. Land the commune for growing grape seedling

Deep excavation of the land, planting pits, 80 wide, 60 deep

2. Add some fertilizer for growing grape seedling

After digging, add bottom fertilizer, use good fermentation organic fertilizer, farm fertilizer must be thoroughly decomposable to use, I bought rabbit dung, rabbit dung in farm fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content is the highest, but also can add balanced compound fertilizer, and organic fertilizer mix.

3. Cover the bottom fertilizer with soil for growing grape seedling

Cover the bottom fertilizer with soil 10-15cm thick, the purpose is to isolate the root system, do not let it contact the fertilizer directly, so as not to hurt the root system, and let the root system grow freely. After the root system comes into contact with the bottom fertilizer, it will quickly absorb nutrients and promote growth

4. Water the seedlings for growing grape  

After covering the soil, pour the planting pit thoroughly with water to allow the soil to absorb enough water, and then settle the soil, waiting for growing.

5. Prune the seedlings for growing grape 

After getting the grape seedlings, we decide to prune them according to the situation of bud points on the branches. We only need to reserve 4 plump bud points and cut off the redundant ones.

6. Soak the seedlings for growing grape  

After the root system is pruned because the grape seedlings will lose water in the storage or transportation process, take it directly into the water for 12-24 hours, let the root system absorb enough water, this time must be clear water.

7. Soak grape seedling with a rooting agent 1000-1500 times with water

After soaking the grape seedlings for a long time, soak them in water with 1000-1500 times of rooting agent for about 20 minutes, and the rooting water should not soak for too long.

8. Grow seedling of grape

When growing seedlings of the grape, we must spread the root system, evenly distributed.

9. Cover the soil for growing grape seedling

Do not cover the grafting, the surrounding soil a little bit firm, and then gently lift the grape seedlings up a little, let the roots stretch, soil more close to the root

10. Water the soil for growing grape seedling

Pour thoroughly fixed root water, spread the film on the root, tear off the film of the grafting, and the grape seedlings will be planted