How to grow Echeveria blue bird

Written by Maggie

Dec 07 2020

How to grow Echeveria blue bird

Echeveria blue bird belongs to the succulent plant, drought resistant, and are easy to raise and have a high ornamental value, so a lot of friends and flowers have like breeding Echeveria blue bird. But some don't know about Echeveria blue bird raising. Aquaculture Echeveria blue bird is very simple, and needs only four steps. It can farm out beautiful Echeveria blue birds, and the leaf cutting method, strain method can be used in breeding.

Echeveria blue bird

1. Fertile soil for Echeveria blue bird

In breeding Echeveria blue birds, we need to find a soil for its growth. It needs soil, soil permeability, good drainage can use coal, peat and perlite as 5:4:1 mixed soil its basin earth. Also we can use piece of bark, charcoal piece, peat moss, fern root according to 3:2:2:1, the proportion of mixed soil for the soil

2. Water properly for Echeveria blue bird

Echeveria blue bird very need water very much.  Water once 2 ~ 3 days in the spring and autumn season, and the air is dry in hot summer in the soil moisture to evaporate quickly, it needs to be watered once every morning and night. In winter Echeveria blue bird will be dormant, it does not need too much water, every time the best soil dry water. We need to pay attention to every casting don't sprinkle the water on the leaves, or it will affect the Echeveria blue bird. It is beautiful.

Echeveria blue bird

3. Plenty of sunshine for Echeveria blue bird

Echeveria blue bird is a bit difficult to raise, cold nor drought tolerant, it does not need plenty of sunshine in the spring and autumn winter season. To make Echeveria blue bird grow better, if there is no sunlight, Echeveria blue bird moderate growth, will lead to Echeveria blue bird malnutrition. In summer when it cannot have strong sunlight exposure, or you will make Echeveria blue bird wilt die, so you need to do a good job of sunscreen in summer.

4. Growth temperature for Echeveria blue bird

During the Echeveria blue bird growth, the temperature is very important. It needs to grow in the ventilation conditions, suitable for growing in 15 ~ 25 ℃, cannot be lower than 5 ℃. If less than 5 ℃, it is likely to be damaged, affecting growth and may even die. So we need to keep warm in winter, and control its growing environment temperature in the above 10 ℃.

Echeveria blue bird