Cotyledon Orbiculata Care Guide

Written by Maggie

Oct 14 2021

Cotyledon Orbiculata Care Guide

Cotyledon Orbiculata CV is a succulent with very beautiful leaves, and the plants are small, which is very suitable for indoor pot plant and has certain ornamental value. Potted Cotyledon Orbiculata plants can be placed next to televisions and computers to absorb radiation, and can also be planted indoors to absorb substances such as formaldehyde to purify the air. When we care for Cotyledon Orbiculata CV, the soil for potted plants is mainly a mixture of leaf mould, peat soil and sawdust mixed evenly. During the growth period, it is best to control the temperature at about 15℃ ~ 25℃. The high temperature in summer can be cooled by spraying water to keep the principle of "dry and wet" watering. The following introduces how to grow and care for Cotyledon Orbiculata in detail.

Cotyledon Orbiculata CV

Cotyledon Orbiculata Soil Care

For the growth of succulent Cotyledon Orbiculata CV, the culture soil bought in the flower shop is not suitable. In the family potted plants, they generally make their own soil, which is mainly a mixture of leaf rot soil, peat soil and sawdust mixed evenly. When we care for Cotyledon Orbiculata, an appropriate amount of coarse sand is added to the bottom of the pot, so as to ensure good drainage and permeability.

Cotyledon Orbiculata Temperature Care

Light temperature control is one of the keys when we care for Cotyledon orbiculata CV. It's best to control temperature around 15 ℃ to 25 ℃. In general, it is put in the interior of the shade. In summer high temperature, spraying water to reduce the temperature. Also we can put it in a cool ventilated environment, no more than 35 ℃. In the winter when there is low temperature, put it in a greenhouse.

Cotyledon Orbiculata Lighting Care

The growth of Cotyledon Orbiculata CV does not have a high requirement for sunshine. When we care for Cotyledon orbiculata in the growing season, it can be properly placed outdoors to receive sunshine every day. It should not be exposed to the sun for a long time.

Cotyledon Orbiculata CV

Cotyledon Orbiculata Water & Fertilizer Care

Succulent Cotyledon orbiculata CV is a kind of fleshy roots of plants, plant internal contain rich moisture, so in peacetime we can water less. When we care for cotyledon orbiculata during the period of growth, maintain the principle of water see dry wet, temperature above 35 ℃ with wet cloth to wipe the leaves, in order to keep moisture. Applying fertilizer once a month, mainly buying from flower shops.

Cotyledon orbiculata CV Care Key Points

When we grow and care for Cotyledon orbiculata CV, it is best to keep the air flow, not only conducive to the growth and development of it, and also can prevent some diseases and insect pests of breeding, especially in the summer. The water is best for watering plants at night, in order to avoid the water temperature being too high and bad for the growth of the root system.   We can't let basin earth lead to water after watering, also cannot let the soil be too wet, and keep dry.

Cotyledon Orbiculata CV

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