How to grow and care for Aloe

Written by Maggie

Sep 09 2021

How to grow and care for Aloe

Are you an office worker? Do you find your desk a bit monotonous? Growing plants is a good option, but plant plants that are easy to grow. Aloe, for example, is robust and doesn't require a lot of time to care for. Now we will talk about how to grow aloe and how to care for Aloe.

grow and care for Aloe
Aloe - Most Common House Plant 

Steps to grow Aloe

1. Prepare tools/raw materials

A flower pot, soil, Aloe plant with roots, water..

2. Choose the soil for growing Aloe

It is important to choose sandy soil for growing Aloe, preferably fertile soil that is suitable for growth. If you are not sure what kind of soil is suitable for Aloe growing, pay attention to areas where grass grows easily, then this soil will be available.

3. Find a smaller pot and place the soil in the pot. 

Make the soil as soft as possible. You can crush the soil by hand.

4. Dig a hole in the middle of the pot

The hole is preferably not too deep, not too shallow, basically a finger deep can be, and then put the roots of Aloe buried with soil, buried on the outside after the appropriate part, but do not make it too solid.

5. Next, pour some water on Aloe

Never water too much, because Aloe is a drought-resistant plant. It is best to water it once a week or so, preferably at night or in the morning.

grow and care for Aloe

Growing Aloe care

Soil care for growing Aloe

Choose loose and breathable sandy loam soil, preferably neutral soil, where aloe has developed roots and strong absorption.

Fertilizing care for growing Aloe

Aloe is particularly resistant to barren conditions and can thrive without fertilization as long as the soil is fertile. When we care for Aloe, in order to promote the growth and robustness of Aloe, a small amount of fertilizer is needed. The common fertilizer is a compound fertilizer with a N, P and K ratio of 15-15-15. If the potted pot is 25 to 35 cm in diameter and 15 to 40 cm in height, 3-7g fertilizer should be applied once every two months. Apply decayed organic fertilizer once a half year, such as cake fertilizer, chicken manure, compost, etc., 0.5-1.0kg per basin

Watering care for growing Aloe

Aloe originates in desert areas, particularly resistant to drought. We must control the watering frequency. When we care for Aloe inn spring watered once 5-7 days commonly, watered once generally 3 to 5 days in summer, the autumn watered once 6-8 days, watered once winter 10-15 days, generally speaking the watering frequency, also should according to its own actual situation.

Anti-freezing care for growing Aloe in winter

Aloe originated in the tropics, and is typically warm and afraid of cold. The suitable growth temperature is 25-30℃. When the temperature drops to about 5°C, Aloe will stop growing. When we care for Aloe, some insulation measures should be taken, such as moving to the room or proper cover.

grow and care for Aloe