How to grow a pineapple in the pot

Written by Maggie

Nov 01 2021

How to grow a pineapple in the pot

What else can you do with the pineapple you buy home besides eating it? How about regenerating pineapples? As long as the leftover pineapple flowers are planted, the fruit can be harvested next year. Then look down, we will talk about steps to grow a pineapple in the pot.

1. Look for a suitable pineapple for growing in the pot

This step is very important. Its foliage is well developed and intact. For the core of the small leaves to pay extra attention, it can not gently pull off. No yellow spots on the leaves, no scale insects pineapple is chosen to grow.

grow a pineapple in the pot

2. Cut the pineapple to grow in the pot

Cut the pineapple from the cluster and the junction, not with flesh.

3. Leave 4-5 leaves of pineapple to grow in the pot

Step by step from the bottom green lobular stripping external green leaves, according to the cluster size 5-10 big leaf. Be careful to peel off only the green leaves on the outside. There may be some small leaves hidden between the green leaves, which are retained. The lower part of the stem is 1.5cm to 2.5cm white and exposed.

grow a pineapple in the pot

4. Growing potted pineapple hydroponically

In shade air a few days later, put it in a glass or a bottle of water right, half the height of the water is higher than that of white stem but below the base of the leaf. Place it in front of the window where the light is scattered brightly and change the water daily. Roots usually emerge within a few weeks.

grow a pineapple in the pot

5. Grow the potted pineapple in the slightly acidic soil with good drainage 

Pineapple is fibrous root, afraid of soil water. Soil  for growing pineapple need not be fertile, do not add basal fertilizer. Because the root system is underdeveloped, the pot does not have to be very large, so change the pot the next year (>;10 liters).

After a week, they were given 6 hours of sun exposure. Keep the soil moist. The way you water it is a little special. Pour a small cup of water over the center of the bushes and the leaves and let the water run down the plants into the pot.

grow a pineapple in the pot

6. Fertilize the potted pineapple 

Fertilizer when new leaves begin to appear.If use compound fertilizer, choose the variety that does not contain copper, boron. Prepare a small cup of fertilizer water at 1/4 of the specified concentration. Pour it over the center of the bushes and the leaves as you would water them.

In the absence of a sound root system, the pineapple mainly absorbs water and nutrients retained in the leaves through the foliage. It's like looking at a pineapple. After two months of planting, the root system is fully developed and maintained like other long-sunshine flowers. Note that pineapples are drought-tolerant and don't overwater them. (Find more Winter Fruit here.)

grow a pineapple in the pot

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