Best way to plant strawberry plants

Written by Maggie

Jan 28 2021

 Best way to plant strawberry plants

Strawberry is a kind of fruit for young and old, almost everybody likes it, and there are many benefits to the human body. But now a lot of strawberries are done with a variety of pesticides, letting a person not to eat, and strawberries are not easy to save. Now let‘s see the best way to plant strawberry plants.

best way to plant strawberry plants

Steps to plant strawberry plants

1: Reserve seeds for planting strawberry plants

You can pick the seeds off with a toothpick while you eat them, or buy them ready made.In order to improve the germination rate of seeds, the seeds can be wrapped in gauze before sowing, soaked for 24 hours, in the refrigerator after 0℃ ~ 3℃ low temperature treatment for about 15 days, in order to break the dormancy of seeds, then sowing.

best way to plant strawberry plants

2: Sow seeds of strawberry plants for planting

Strawberry seeds are small and must be carefully sown. The simplest method is to fill the flowerpot with a part of fine sandy loam mixed with fine humus soil after screening, and then spray it with water permeable. Generally, ceramic pots are chosen, because ceramic pots have good permeability and are easy to drain.

best way to plant strawberry plants

3: Germinate seedlings of strawberry plants for planting

Spray water before sowing, seedling matrix, with potted friend can directly put the basin soil along a centimeter below flower pots, about sowing seeds evenly, after seeding covered with sifted fine earth 0.1 centimeters or so, or don't have to cover the soil, as long as your nursery substrates enough soft, bowl covered with plastic film, keep the soil moist. Seedling can begin 15-25 days after sowing at a temperature of 25℃.

4: Transplant seedlings of strawberry plants for planting

Seedling can be transplanted after 3 to 4 months of seedling growth, and plant row spacing should be controlled at 20 to 30 cm. Cut off the big leaves and plant at a depth as shown above. Plant in soft soil. Pour root water thoroughly and place in a semi-shady place.

5: Harvest after planting strawberry seedlings

Strawberries are the fastest growing of all fruits, flowering and bearing fruit three to four months after being planted from seed.

best way to plant strawberry plants

Daily care for planting strawberry plants

1. Illumination: Strawberries like sufficient sunlight, and it is best to have more than half a day of sunlight. They should be placed in a sunny and well-ventilated place at ordinary times.

2. Fertilization: potted strawberries blossom and bear fruit many times a year, nutrition consumption, to strengthen nutrient supplement. Animal hoof, fish bone, poultry offal, bean cake, etc., adding water to decompress fermentation, retting into liquid fertilizer water or topdressing compound fertilizer. Topdressing is usually done once a week.

3. Watering: strawberry like wet but afraid of waterlogging. Water when topsoil is about to dry. Available dip basin method, water through to the soil surface when the end of the basin.

4. Pruning: potted strawberries should remove excess stolons, old leaves and disinfected leaves in time, in order to reduce the consumption of nutrients, so as to improve the quality of potted strawberries.

5. Yellow Leaves: Sometimes you may find yellow leaves on the plant, but don't worry, just remove them. The yellow leaves can be kept in the winter until new leaves grow in the spring, and then the dead ones can be removed.

6. Plastic: we can use iron wire or bamboo sticks made of different shapes of fruit rack, into which the flower pot will be set up, which can promote ear ventilation and light, let the fruit color uniform, but also to prevent soil pollution of the fruit and reduce the harm of diseases and insects. Stolon can also be used according to the principles of bonsai art modeling, improving its ornamental value.

best way to plant strawberry plants