Why Is My Dwarf Alberta Spruce Turning Brown?

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

Why Is My Dwarf Alberta Spruce Turning Brown?
As for dwarf Alberta spruce turning brown, we must first judge whether dwarf Alberta spruce is dead. If it is just dry and looks like dead, we can fix it in time and save dwarf Alberta spruce. If it is completely dead, we don't need treatment. It can be judged by the dwarf Alberta spruce pine bud. If the pine bud is full and normal, it indicates that it is in a living state. If the dwarf Alberta spruce pine bud is dry and feels very soft when touched by hand, it indicates that dwarf Alberta spruce has died.

Causes And Solution for Dwarf Alberta Spruces Turning Brown

Why Is My Dwarf Alberta Spruce Turning Brown

Excessive heat

Generally, in summer, the temperature will rise slowly. If Dwarf alberta spruce is exposed to the sun, it is easy to cause the young leaves to become brown and wither slowly. Generally, in this case, brown dwarf Alberta spruce needs to be moved to a cool place with good ventilation in time.

Winter burn

In winter, dwarf Alberta spruce is in dormancy. If there is too much fertilizer at this time, winter burn phenomenon will be caused, so dwarf Alberta spruce brown leaves can not normally absorb the nutrients inside. Due to poor growth, it is best to apply fertilizer reasonably. After we apply fertilizer to dwarf Alberta spruce, we should loosen the soil in time, So that it can be fully mixed with the soil.

Too much water or not enough water

If too much watering will lead to ponding in the dwarf Alberta spruce basin, which will lead to root rot of the plant, or long-term water shortage or drought, it will lead to dwarf Alberta spruce slowly turning brown from bottom to top, or even dying and wilting. It is best to water reasonably. We should water it according to the growth habits of dwarf Alberta spruce.
Why Is My Dwarf Alberta Spruce Turning Brown


If the formaldehyde pollution in our home exceeds the standard, dwarf Alberta spruce will inhale a large amount of formaldehyde and eventually be poisoned by formaldehyde, resulting in brown dwarf Alberta spruce, etc. At this time, we should pay attention to ventilation, but there is a deficiency in ventilation. It has no effect when closing the window, and can only be used as the basis for formaldehyde removal.


During the growth of dwarf Alberta Spruce, if there are diseases and insect pests, the leaves will also turn brown slowly. We'd better clean up the impurities on the basin soil of dwarf Alberta Spruce from time to time. Once the corresponding drugs are found, spray them, and then cut off the dead and rotten branches on dwarf Alberta Spruce to avoid bacterial pollution.

Can dwarf Alberta spruce be trimmed if turning brown

Why Is My Dwarf Alberta Spruce Turning Brown
Of course, if we want to save the brown dwarf Alberta spruce, we must first cut off the dead branches. After cutting off these brown dwarf Alberta spruce withered branches, we can reduce the consumption of water and nutrients. Cutting off dead branches can leave healthy and healthy branches and leaves.
After pruning the brown dwarf Alberta Spruce, we should loosen the soil to make the soil more loose and breathable, which can promote the root growth of the dwarf Alberta Spruce, enable the brown dwarf Alberta Spruce to absorb more water and nutrients, and help revive the dwarf Alberta Spruce.
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