Echeveria Mebina profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 01 2020

Echeveria Mebina profile

Echeveria Mebina is a succulent plant of the genus Echeveria in the Chloridaceae family. It is characterized by a small plant shape and orange-pink margin. It is very prone to lateral shoots, perennials can form spectacular large communities. The short forms of leaves cultivated in horticulture are also called rain and zhang.

Echeveria mebina succulent is a kind of small stone lotus, which needs less sunshine than other stone lotus, but grows faster than other stone lotus. Its small size and tender color are suitable for making small pot combinations.

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Echeveria Mebina

Morphological characteristics of echeveria mebina Succulent

The leaves of Echeveria Mebina succulent are slender, plump and spatulate, with pale green color. When the light is sufficient and the temperature difference is large, the tip of the leaves turns bright pink and is easy to cluster. 

Echeveria Mebina Succulent likes dry, ventilated environments and can tolerate semi-shade. Echeveria Mebina succulent is relatively drought-tolerant and can be watered once a week in the growing season. In summer, when the temperature is high, it will enter the dormant period, so water should be controlled and shade properly. In winter, when the temperature is above 5℃, it can normally grow, and winter watering time should be at noon. If the basin is turned in spring, bone powder can be used as base fertilizer. The base fertilizer is sufficient for the whole growing season. 

Echeveria Mebina

Echeveria Mebina Care

Echeveria Mebina chick is small and fast growing. It will turn pink in spring and autumn. The effect of a small combination pot is excellent, and it can also be cultivated separately. 

Echeveria Mebina Succulent Propagation

The propagation mode of Echeveria Mebina Succulent is similar to that of other succulent plants, mainly including leaf propagation, branch propagation, sowing propagation and plant separation propagation.

Echeveria Mebina