Dwarf Alberta Spruce Overwatering: Causes And Solutions

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

Dwarf Alberta Spruce Overwatering: Causes And Solutions
Dwarf Alberta spruce can be cultivated not only in field, but also in pot. However, it should be noted that to prevent dwarf Alberta Spruce overwatering, we must plant it in a sunny environment and pay attention to the watering frequency, which is more conducive to its growth. Dwarf Alberta spruce is a tree with tenacious vitality and slow growth. It is very suitable for planting if there are old people at home. It can symbolize longevity and means very good.

Causes why overwatering occurred

  • Prolonged Rain
  • Improper Irrigation
  • Clay Soil
  • Big Size Pot

What to do if your Dwarf Alberta spruce overwatered?

Dwarf Alberta Spruce Overwatering
  1. Stop watering: if careless watering leads to Dwarf alberta spruce overwatering, we need to stop watering immediately.
  2. Promote evaporation: if the situation of dwarf Alberta Spruce overwatering is not serious and there is no rotten root, the excess water can be discharged first. Loosen the soil properly, put it in a place with good air circulation, strengthen ventilation, and see soft light appropriately, so as to promote the evaporation of water in the basin as soon as possible.
  3. Pruning and planting: if the dwarf Alberta Spruce overwatering is very serious, there is a lot of ponding, the roots have rotted, and the whole plant has become lifeless. At this time, take the dwarf Alberta Spruce out of the Flower pot, and then prepare a sharp knife to cut off the rotten part of the root and apply carbendazim powder. After that, prepare new flower pots and soil, and replant dwarf Alberta Spruce. After planting, we need to control the watering frequency of plants in the later stage.

How to avoid overwatering in the future?

Dwarf Alberta Spruce Overwatering
Dwarf Alberta spruce has strong drought tolerance. During its growth, it needs appropriate watering to keep the soil moist as far as possible avoid dwarf alberta spruce overwatering. When growing dwarf Alberta spruce, we try to choose loose soil with good permeability and drainage performance. If we use soil with poor drainage performance, it will affect the respiration and growth of dwarf Alberta spruce roots.
In summer, the temperature is high and the evaporation is large, so the watering amount needs to be increased. During the maintenance period, we can put the dwarf Alberta spruce bonsai in a cool and ventilated place indoors and water it appropriately avoid dwarf alberta spruce overwatering. Due to the high temperature in summer, dwarf Alberta spruce can be sprayed with water for cooling and humidification. The leaves can be sprayed with water 1 ~ 3 times a day to supplement water for the leaves, but not at night.
In winter, the temperature is low, so it is necessary to place dwarf Alberta spruce bonsai in a place with relatively stable indoor temperature, which is more than 10 degrees, which is conducive to the smooth winter of plants avoid overwatering. After dwarf Alberta spruce enters the dormant state, it is necessary to control the watering amount. Do not pour too much water in winter and try to keep the soil dry. If there is too much water, it will hurt the roots of dwarf Alberta spruce.
During the growth of dwarf Alberta spruce, in addition to an appropriate amount of watering, it also needs an appropriate amount of fertilizer and sufficient light, which can promote the growth of branches and leaves. If we keep dwarf Alberta spruce indoors, we need to open windows frequently to maintain indoor air circulation to avoid dwarf alberta spruce overwatering. During the curing period, it is also necessary to spray bactericide regularly. Generally, dwarf Alberta spruce can be sprayed once within 20 ~ 30 days.
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