White rugosa rose profile

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Aug 31 2021

White rugosa rose profile

White Rugosa Rose, Angiosperm, a kind of rose. White Rugosa Roses are purple and white and are shaped like rose and rose.

White rugosa rose picture

White rugosa rose
White rugosa rose is one of the most beautiful roses in the world

White rugosa rose characteristics

The white rugosa rose is an upright shrub, up to 2 m tall; Stems are stout, caespitose ;Branchlets are densely tomentose, with prickles and glandular hairs, with erect or curved yellowish prickles, tomentose outside the prickles. White rugosa rose has 5-9 leaflets, even petiole 5-13 cm long; Leaves are elliptic or elliptic obovate, 1.5-4.5 cm long, 1-2.5 cm wide, apically acute or obtuse, basally rounded or broadly cuneate, margin acutely serrate, upper dark green, glabrous, veins indented, wrinkled, below grayish green, mid veins raised, reticulate veins obvious, densely villi and glandular hairs, sometimes glandular hairs not obvious; Petiole and axles of White rugosa rose are densely tomentose and glandular hairy; Stipules are mostly adnate to petiole, free part ovate, margin with glandular serrate, tomentose below. Flowers of White rugosa rose are solitary in axils of leaves, or clusters of several, bracts ovate, margin glandular hairs, tomentose; Pedicels are 5 -- 22 5 mm, densely tomentose and glandular hairy; Flowers of White rugosa rose are 4-5.5 cm in diameter; Sepals are ovate-lanceolate, apex caudate-acuminate, often pinnate lobes extending into leaflike, sparsely pilose above, densely pilose and glandular hairs below; Petals of White rugosa rose are obovate, double to semi double, aromatic, purplish to white; Style free, hairy, slightly projecting out of calyx tube, much shorter than stamens. Fruit of White rugosa rose is oblate globose, 2-2.5 cm in diam., brick red, fleshy, smooth, sepals persistent.

White rugosa rose growing environment

White Rugosa Rose likes sunshine, is cold and drought resistant, likes ventilated and cool climate, and its suitable growth temperature is 15-25 degrees. Roses have strong adaptability and are not strict with soil. They grow well in fertile neutral or slightly acidic light loam and bloom more. Botanical White rugosa rose is more hardy than White rose.

White rugosa rose distribution range

Origin: UK

White rugosa rose propagation methods

Propagation methods of White rugosa rose include seed seeding, grafting, high pressure and mother plant division.

White rugosa rose

How to grow and care for white rugosa rose

White Rugosa Rose has a wide range of adaptability to soil, but loam soil with convenient drainage and irrigation and rich organic matter must be selected to obtain ideal yield and quality.

1. Broadcast of White rugosa rose is generally adopted in summer. Sowing available drill, row spacing 17 ~ 20 cm, 100 ~ 150 grams per mu of sowing amount.

2. Transplanting or live broadcasting of white rugosa roses is generally adopted in autumn. The planting period was 18 ~ 22 days, and the planting row spacing was 17×17 cm to 22×22 cm. High temperature can be appropriate dense planting, cool weather can be appropriate sparse. 

3. Field management:

(1) White Rugosa Rose requires sufficient moisture throughout the growing period. Just after the planting, the sun is fierce, must maintain three times a day, that is, morning and evening water and noon 11 ~ 12 drench the afternoon water.In the rainy season is to pay attention to the exclusion of bed area water.

(2) Enough basal fertilizer should be applied, 1-1.5 tons of decomposing farmhouse fertilizer should be applied per acre. Topdressing is generally applied 3 days after transplanting or 15 days of seedling age in direct seeding, once every 6 to 7 days, and 3 to 4 times in the whole White rugosa rose growth period. The first time with a relatively thin fertilizer water, after the concentration gradually increased, per mu with compound fertilizer 10 ~ 20 kg drench or spread. The last time should be done before the White rugosa rose is sealed.

(3) When White rugosa rose protection finds caterpillar worm, beet exigua and twill exigua, it can be killed by spraying 1000 times or 2500 times or 1000 times. Skipjack can be killed 1000 times by Raspen. If downy mildew is found, it can be prevented by 600 ~ 800 times or 2000 times 50% Anke.Anthrax can be controlled by 1000 times of the easy spot.

White rugosa rose main value

Dietary effects: White rugosa rose taste sweet and bitter, mild temperature, liver, spleen, stomach through the fragrance line powder has the effect of relieving liver depression, and blood regulating menstruation, treating chest and diaphragm full of tightness, stomach, ribs, breast pain, irregular menstruation, red and leucorrhea, diarrhea dysentery, injury, wind Bi, carbuncle swelling. 

White rugosa rose flower language

White Rugosa Rose flower language: Purity, romance, courtship flower, and I can match you.

White rugosa rose