Thalictrum aquilegiifolium (Columbine meadow-rue) profile

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Feb 25 2021

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium (Columbine meadow-rue) profile

Columbine meadow-rue is a perennial herb that grows on slopes or gullies in damp places under forests. Root can be used as a medicine, detoxification and detumescence, vision, anti diarrhoea and other effects.

Columbine meadow-rue picture

Columbine meadow-rue

Morphological characteristics of Columbine Meadow-rue

Columbine meadow-rue plants are glabrous. Stems are stout, 60-150 cm tall, up to 1 cm thick, branched. Basal leaves wither on flowering. Cauline leaves for three to four back three out of compound leaves; Leaf blade of Columbine Meadow -rue is 10-30 cm long; Leaflets are herbaceous, terminal leaflets ovate or oblate, 1.5-2.5 cm long and 1.2-3 cm wide, apically rounded or obtuse, basally rounded or indistinctly cord-shaped, trilobed, lobes entire or 1-2 dentate, veins flat on both sides or slightly protuberant on the back; Petiole of Columbine Meadow -rue is 4.5-8 cm long, sheathed, stipules membranous, undivided.

Inflorescences of Columbine Meadow -rue are cymbose, with mostly dense flowers; Pedicels are 4 -- 17 mm long; Sepals are white or purplish outside, broadly elliptic, 3 -- 3.5 mm long, caducous; Stamens are numerous, 6-9 mm long, anthers oblong, ca. 1.2 mm long, apex obtuse, upper part oblateolate, wider or slightly narrower than anthers, lower part filamate; Carpels of Columbine Meadow -rue are 6-8, with a long carpellate stalk, style short, stigma lateral. Achene is obovate, 4-7 mm long, with 3 broad longitudinal wings, narrowly mutated at base, carpel stalk 3-5 mm long, persistent stigma 0.3-0.5 mm long. 

Ecological habits of Columbine Meadow -rue

Columbine Meadow -rue grows on grasslands, hillsides and forests between 500 and 1800 m above sea level. Columbine Meadow -rue has strong adaptability, light and resistance to half - shade. Growing in a humid environment under forests or meadows. The soil requirement is not strict, but the drainage needs to be good.A cold.

The distribution of Columbine Meadow -rue

Columbine Meadow-rue is found in Zhejiang (Tianmu Mountain), Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces.It is also distributed in Korea, Japan and Siberia of Soviet Union.

Propagation of Columbine Meadow -rue

Columbine meadow-rue propagates by sowing or by dividing roots. Seedlings need shade, root propagation in early spring, the same year can be flowering. Seed production does biennial cultivation more, the first year seedlings, autumn transplanting and transplanting, the second year goods, can save land, reduce costs.

Columbine meadow-rue

Columbine Meadow -rue growing methods

In North China, seedlings of Columbine Meadow -rue are raised in the middle of spring. Seedbeds are fertile, loose and well-drained, and farm manure is applied to 3500-4000kg/ acre. Deep mix to do the bed, bed width 1.2-1.5m, high 8-10cm. Seed on demand or broadcast, drill sowing transverse sowing ditch, ditch depth of 2cm, row width of 6-8cm, seed spacing of 8cm. After sowing, cover the soil with fine sand, 1-1.5cm thick, and keep the soil moist.When sowing, the bed surface is compacted after sowing, and then the soil is covered.

Engraftment management

Early autumn planting, seed production base in the elevation of more than 1000m in the Lengliang mountain area, drawing fertile, loose, good drainage. Based on basic fertilizer, apply decomposed farmhouse fertilizer 3500-4000kg/ acre, superphosphate 30kg/mu. Planting Columbine Meadow -rue in ridges on open ground, plant spacing 20-25cm, row spacing 40cm, density 6000-8000 plants/acre. After transplanting, irrigation, topdressing 1-2 times. Seedling root soil, control irrigation at the end of autumn, before freezing irrigation for winter, plants covered with wheat grass or leaves for cold, the next spring to remove the cold material. Irrigation of green water, plant buds when combined with irrigation topdressing.

Harvest seed

Columbine meadow-rue flowers in summer and seeds mature in early autumn. Seeds are easy to fall off after maturity and should be harvested in time. At the time of harvest, the flower branches with seeds will be picked, put into a cloth bag, in the sun to dry. Lightly beat threshing with wooden strips to remove impurities and store them in a dry and ventilated place.

Columbine Meadow -rue value

Ornamental value

Columbine Meadow - Rue's stems and leaves stretch out, delicate and elegant, and frosty; Flowers are small and dense, calyx, filament scattered, elegant.In the undergrowth of the forest or dotted with rocks, all appropriate. Potted plants are also available.

Medicinal value

Columbine Meadow -rue contains alkaloid, root contains berberine, can be used for medicine, substitute Coptis coptis used in the southwest area. Root of Columbine Meadow -rue can cure carbuncle swelling boils (Shandong Chinese herbal medicine manual), icteric hepatitis, diarrhea and other diseases (Inner Mongolia Chinese herbal medicine), is one of the important Mongolian medicine. The spring and autumn dig out the roots, cut the stems and leaves on the ground, wash, dry, raw.

Columbine meadow-rue