Snake jasmine (Rhinacanthus nasutus) profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 22 2021

Snake jasmine (Rhinacanthus nasutus) profile

Snake Jasmine (Rhinacanthus nasutus (L.) Kurz) is a member of the phylum Angiosperms, class Dicotyledonae, and family Pyridaceae. Snake Jasmine originates in China mainland yunnan, south China of guangdong, guangxi mountainous area, southeast Asia and India and other places.  

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Snake Jasmine

Morphological characteristics of snake jasmine

Snake Jasmine is an evergreen shrub that is about 100-150 cm tall. The old branches are grey and the young ones green. Stem is cylindrical, nodes slightly enlarged.

Leaves of Snake Jasmine are opposite, entire, pubescent on both surfaces, abaxially midrib veins conspicuous, apex acute or obtuse, base crab-shaped, petiole short.

Inflorescences, born on branch tips or axils, bracts minute, calyx lobes five, lanceolate, glandular hairs on both sides, labial white corolla, upper lip lanceolate, lower lip short trifid, corolla shaped, like cranes spreading wings in a green background; snake jasmine has 2 fertile stamens, anthers 2 locules.

Capsule is long elliptic, its fruit-bearing rate is not high.

Snake jasmine is a perennial plant with a height of 30-120cm. Rhizome is short, base often 1 or more subterranean buds. Stems are sparsely pubescent and pubescent, sparsely hirsute lower part. Odd pinnate compound leaves alternate; Stipules are falcate, thinly ovate, apex acute or acuminate, margin sharply serrate or lobes, thinly entire; Lobular have 2 kinds of size, and white was born on rachis, larger for 3-4, 2 to dilute, up to 3 flocculus, lobules few sessile, obovoid to ovoid lanceolate, 1.5 5 cm long, 1-2.5 cm wide, apex acute to obtuse, dilute acuminate, base cuneate, margin with acute to obtuse serrate, green above, puberulous, below virescent, pulse on rusty villous, loose fall off glabrous, gland significantly. Racemes are simple or 2-3 at stem apex, racemes pilose, pedicels 1 -- 5mm long, pilose; Bracts of Snake Jasmine are usually 3-lobed, lobes zonal, bracteoles opposite, ovate, entire or margin divided; Flowers are 6 -- 9mm in diameter, sepals 5, triangular-ovate; Snake Jasmine has 5 petals, oblong, yellow; Snake Jasmine has 5-15 stamens, 2 styles, filiform, stigma capitate. Achene is obovate, 10 ribbed outside, pubescent, apex with several spines, erect when young, first closed inward when mature, 7-8mm long and 3-4mm in diameter at the widest point. 

Snake Jasmine

Snake jasmine uses

Medicinal value

1. The whole grass liver decreases internal heat, anti-cough and anti-itching. Treatment of lung heat cough, hepatitis, gastritis, diabetes.

2. The leaves are processed and dried for white crane ganoderma tea, which has the effect of lowering blood pressure and treating diabetes.

Healthcare value

Remove impurities from the active compound, wash it with water, moisten it slightly, cut it into sections of 0.9-1.5cm long, dry it in the sun, and screen away ash.

Remove small segments of Snake Jasmine, put them into a stir-fry pot, heat them with fire and stir them until most of the surface is carbon black, and there are sparks, spray water to eliminate the sparks, take them out and air them to dry. After making charcoal, the effect of hemostasis can be enhanced.

Snake Jasmine