Renanthera Monachica Profile

Written by Maggie

Oct 14 2021

Renanthera Monachica Profile

Renanthera Monachica is a kind of rare tropical orchid with a high ornamental value among orchids. Renanthera Monachica is very popular abroad at present.

Renanthera Monachica Picture

Renanthera monachica

Renanthera Monachica Characteristics

Renanthera Monachica Stems

Stems of Renanthera Monachica are ascending, stout, hard, cylindrical, 1 m or more long, ca. 1.5 cm thick, usually unbranched, internodes 3 -- 4 cm long.

Renanthera Monachica Leaf

Leaves of renanthera monachica are diploid, obliquely or sub horizontally extended, ligulate or oblong, 7 -- 8 cm long, 1.5 -- 3.3 cm wide, apically slightly unequal with 2 lobes, basally apiculate and descending into apiculate sheaths.

Renanthera Monachica Flowers

Renanthera Monachica inflorescences are opposite to leaves, flame-red, spreading; Middle sepals are narrowly spatulate, margin slightly undulate and inner mask orange-spotted.

Renanthera Monachica Habits

Renanthera Monachica likes sufficient sunshine and is hardy to cold. It can survive the winter in the open field of bulb in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Renanthera Monachica generally grow up to 1400 meters above sea level, climbing in the gully edge forest, on the trunk and rocks in the open forest.

Renanthera Monachica is suitable for growing in well-drained, loose and fertile sandy loam soil, and the growth period requires sufficient moisture in the soil.

Renanthera Monachica Care

Temperature Care

Renanthera Monachica likes a high-temperature environment, and the suitable growth temperature is 18~35℃. They are not cold tolerant and need to overwinter in a medium-temperature or high-temperature greenhouse in winter. Under the condition of maintaining appropriate temperature, the plants have no dormant period.

Light Care

Renanthera Monachica is a light-loving species of orchids, which requires strong light. But when attached to the tree can not accept strong sun exposure, otherwise the leaves will turn yellow.

Watering Care

There is no dormant period, preferring adequate water throughout the growth period. Water should be supplied to keep the soil moist.

Humidity Care

Renanthera Monachica likes high air relative humidity, so it should spray leaf water frequently to maintain 70% ~ 80% of air relative humidity, otherwise it will affect the growth of plants.


Renanthera Monachica should grow in a hanging pot or wooden box filled with airy, quickly drying substrate consisting of large pieces of charcoal, wine corks and large pieces of cork or bark. Some plants are placed only in the amount of substrate that allows them to rooting. Roots should be allowed to grow, sag, and not be cut to give the plant an orderly appearance. Even slight cutting of the roots (beyond the necessary minimum resulting from their drying or damage due to fumigation processes) reverses the plant in development for several years. The continuous and strong air movement around the roots is very important for proper growth.

Renanthera monachica

Renanthera Monachica Propagation

Renanthera Monachica is generally propagated by dividing or cutting.

Renanthera Monachica division propagation: after the flowering of renanthera monarchical or in spring and autumn, cut off the natural buds of the adult plants or the new buds grown after the top removal of the mother plants with a knife and plant them separately. Or cut off the upper part of the stem with more than 3 aerial roots and plant it in a new pot.

Cuttage propagation: cut the remaining stem of Renanthera Monachica after a period of time will grow new buds, which can be used as cutting materials after long. Cuttage appropriate in spring, autumn two seasons or after the flower.

Renanthera Monachica Distribution

Renanthera Monachica is generally distributed up to 1400 meters above sea level, climbing on the edge of gullies, tree trunks and rocks in open forests.

Renanthera Monachica is distributed abroad in Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The type specimens were collected from Vietnam.

Renanthera Monachica Benefits

Ornamental value

Renanthera Monachica is a kind of orchid with high ornamental value in orchid family.

Landscape use of Renanthera Monachica

Renanthera Monachica is gorgeous and flame-like from a distance. It has great ornamental value in gardens. There are red, orange and yellow varieties of horticulture.