Red oak tree profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

Red oak tree profile

Red oak tree leaves in autumn are very uniform in color, and there is basically no color difference between the same area. Red oak tree sensitivity to climate is not high, no matter how the climate change, the annual color effect is basically the same, the ornamental period is also longer, is a very good view of leaf species!

Red oak tree picture

Red oak tree

Morphological characteristics of red oak tree

The Red Oak tree is a deciduous tree of Quercus in Fagaceae. Red oak tree is native to the eastern United States, the tree is 18-22.5 m tall, up to 30 m with a crown of 18-22.5 m. The saplings are ovoid, gradually becoming round as the tree ages. The tree crown is well proportioned, the branches and leaves are dense, and the leaves are beautifully shaped and brightly colored. Leaves of Red oak tree are alternate, 7-11 lobed, 11.5 -- 21.3 cm long, 10 -- 15 cm wide, petiole 2.5 -- 5.0 cm long, autumn leaves gradually turn red, enough light can make the autumn leaves more vivid. The shoots are green or reddish-brown, turning gray in the second year. Nuts, fruit is 1.8-2.5 cm long, brown. 

Red Oak tree is a deep-rooted tree with strong barren resistance, fire resistance and tillering ability.Sand loving loam, siliceous adhesion or well drained slightly acidic soil, resistant to environmental pollution, poor, arid, different pH soil adaptability.Medium shade tolerance, like light.

Red oak tree growing methods

Red Oak tree seeds are of different sizes. When we order imported Red Oak tree seeds, there will be 1 or 2 levels of difference, so the prices will be different. Usually, large seeds with about 160 seeds per kilogram belong to level 2. The seed diameter of 1-1.2cm and the number of high quality first class seeds is generally about 260. Because the large seed is usually high in starch content and is the focus of weevil spawn, the price of the second class seed is generally very low, and its use is mainly ground for livestock to be used as winter feed. So the general level 2 seed bud rate will be greatly affected!

Red oak seed germination and growth rate in general are greatly influenced by climate, soil, plant density, such as in the adjacent base planted Red oak tree planting, at the same time the same but the planting density of soil, plant spacing 40 * 30 cases with 20 * 15 (cm), looks like the density, the smaller the better (myagdi diameter 1-1.5 cm, height 80-150 - cm), density of plots in 30-100 cm high, 0.5 1.2 cm in diameter.  

Red oak tree grows at a moderate rate of 60 cm per annum on moist, well drained soil. Red Oak tree prefers sandy loam or well-drained slightly acidic soil. Red oak tree is resistant to environmental pollution and has strong adaptability to poor, arid, slightly acidic or alkaline soil. Seed propagation, seeds do not need to be treated and can germinate, but germination time is longer. If the seed is treated at 5 degrees Celsius for 30 to 45 days before sowing, the germination rate can be increased, and the germination can take 2-3 weeks. Each 667 square meters (1 acre) of sowing amount between 100 and 250 kilograms, the seeds should be placed horizontally to facilitate the growth of radicle downward. The thickness of the soil is 2-5 cm, and the height of the seedlings can reach 20-40 cm.

Red oak tree

Red oak tree main value

Red Oak Tree is an excellent ornamental tree in cities. Red oak tree is used as a shade tree in streets, parks, schools and golf courses and is especially suitable for large-scale cultivation. Red oak tree is widely used for urban greening and ornamental purposes, and has ecological value for land cover restoration, as well as providing food and habitat for wildlife.