Red feather clover (Trifolium rubens) profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 22 2021

Red feather clover (Trifolium rubens) profile

Red feather clover (Trifolium rubens), also called ruddy clover, is a leguminous perennial herb of the genus clover. Leaf color and flowers are very ornamental. The root system is developed and more branched, each plant has 20 to 30 developed lateral roots, taproots are not obvious, the depth of the soil is 80 cm, has a strong drought and cold resistance.  

Red feather clover picture

Red feather clover

Morphological characteristics of red feather clover

Red feather clover's root system is developed and multi-branched, each plant has 20 to 30 developed lateral roots, taproots are not obvious, the depth of the soil is 80 cm, and it has strong drought and cold resistance ability.

Erect plant type, tufted, plant height 40 cm to 80 cm (domestic safflower clover in general bead height 20-30 cm), each cluster on the ground branches 40 to 60, leaves for trifid compound leaves, single leaves long oval, leaf color light yellowish green. Inflorescences are clublike or long fusiform, 4 cm to 7 cm long, 1.5 cm to 2 cm wide, color is deep purple or rose red, flowering period of about 40 days, from early May to mid-June, the flowering period can form a purple flower cluster, very ornamental.

Red feather clover's stem is erect, much branched, palmately triple compound leaves, leaflets long ovate, white at the base.Inflorescences axillary, corolla pale pink.

The ecological habits of red feather clover

Red Feather Clover originated in the Mediterranean region. It likes a cool environment and is shade resistant. The suitable growth temperature is 15℃ to 25℃, and it is suitable for growing in loose sandy loam.

Red feather clover's propagation

After the red feather clover fruit is ripe, it should be picked in time, the skin should be removed after drying, and the seeds should be bagged and stored in a refrigerator or freezer from 0℃ to 5℃. The seeds can be planted in the spring and fall.Before sowing, it is necessary to level off the land and apply organic manure, barnyard manure and dry chicken dung. The seeds are mixed with sand in a ratio of 1:5, so that the seedlings come out evenly when sowing. Seedlings grow to 5 to 6 cm, apply top dressing every two weeks, organic fertilizer, compound chemical fertilizer can be. Apply water immediately after the fertilizer, so as not to burn the root system and affect plant growth.

Red feather clover uses

Medicinal value

Inflorescence into medicine has the effect of relieving asthma and relieving cough.

Red feather clover garden purposes

Red feather clover can be used as underforest ground in the garden, which can not only appreciate flowers but also view leaves, and the effect of covering the ground is good at the same time. In addition, can also be used for flower bed edges or decorate flower borders.

Red feather clover

How to grow red feather clover

Plants Clover flourishes in moist or dry prerequisites however drainage ought to be good. Slightly acidic soils with a pH between 6.0 and 6.5 are preferred. 854.5K182 Cyclamen Plant Care – Tips For Taking Care Of A Cyclamen You can plant the clover in full solar or partial shade, though full solar presents the first-rate yields. Sow the tiny seeds in a well-prepared mattress from January to April or August to November. Plant seeds at ¼ inch deep or even scatter them on the floor of the soil and gently dirt them with earth. Keep them quite moist till germination, which is normally 14 to 21 days. You may additionally additionally select to start flora indoors in flats. Transplant them outdoors when there are 6 authentic leaves and soil has warmed. Water hooked up flowers regularly. Choose your web site carefully, as crimson clover has a tendency to unfold and grow to be invasive. 

Red feather clover care 

You might also select to reduce lower back seed heads to stop over-sowing of seeds and invasion of different beds. Otherwise, you can decide until late summer season planted clover in spring to extend soil fertility. Plants sown in late wintry weather to early summer season might also be allowed to persist as a floor cowl and cowl crop to fight weeds and decorate soil properties. If you pick out to harvest the plant for consumption, take clean vegetation and leaves at any time. Ornamental crimson clover can be harvested up to three instances in the season. You can also dry them or use them fresh. Sprouted clover seeds add a special texture and taste to salads and sandwiches. Soak seeds in heat water for 6 hours and then put them in a shallow bowl or seed sprouter. Place the container in a darkish vicinity for three days, rinsing and draining the seed twice per day. By the fourth day, you need to seed sprouts and it is time to go them to a light vicinity to enhance inexperienced colour and most nutrients. Use them as you would any sprout.

Red feather clover