Primula obconica profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 25 2020

Primula obconica profile

Primula Obconica is a perennial herb. Primula Obconica and other varieties of Primula SiebolDII E. Morren are important housepot flowers that are widely cultivated around the world. Primula Obconica is an important pot flower for decorating rooms in winter and spring. It usually blooms from December to April of the following year.

Primula Obconica picture

Primula Obconica

Primula Obconica morphological characteristics

Primula obconica stems are short, ca. 30 cm tall, brown.It has many fibrous roots.Leaves are basal, oblong to ovoid, long-stalked, margin slightly notched. The leaf surface is smooth, leaf back densely white pilose, often with irritating toxic secretions. Scape from leaves is large umbel inflorescence, calyx funnel-shaped, corolla red, cultivated in a variety of bright colors, such as white, magenta, purple, blue, pink or mauve. Seeds are small, brown when mature.It likes light, but afraid of strong light. It fears heat, likes acid, fertile leaf - rot soil.

Primula Obconica growing environment

Primula Obconica grows in the limestone area of the mountain with an altitude of 1000m ~ 2000m. They like cold and wet, and avoid the hot sun exposure. The seedlings are not resistant to high temperature, fertilizer and cold. The suitable temperature for growth is 13 ~ 18℃. Sandy loam with more humus content is the most suitable soil, with good drainage and air circulation. primula obconica blooms at room temperature of 10 ~ 15℃. It does not need low temperature like other primroses, but a proper low temperature can make the plant robust and compact, as well as increase the number of branches. After entering the flowering period to appropriately increase the concentration of phosphate potash fertilizer generally 15-10-30 fertilizer 200ppm. Pay attention to the pruning of withered flower branches after flowering to prevent the occurrence of gray mold.

Primula Obconica

Primula Obconica main value

Primula Obconica is the main greenhouse flower cultivated in winter in various countries. There are various cultivated varieties, such as deep red, pure white, blue, purple and so on.