Peach blossom profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 24 2020

Peach blossom profile

Peach blossom is a plant of the rose family. Leaves are  elliptic lanceolate, drupe subglobose, mainly divided into peach and peach flowers. Peach blossom is native to central and northern China. It is now widely cultivated in temperate countries and regions of the world.

Peach blossom can be made into cake, Peach balls, Peach tea and other food. It has high ornamental value and is a common material for literary creation. In addition, the elements in peach blossom have medicinal value of dredging the channels and collaterals and moisturize the skin. Its flower language and representative meaning is: the captive of love. Every year from March to June, various Peach festivals are held around the country.

Peach blossom picture

Peach blossom

Peach blossom morphological characteristics

Peach blossom is a deciduous tree by Peach. Leaves are elliptic-lanceolate, margin coarsely serrate, glabrous, petiole 1 -- 2cm long. The height can reach 3 ~ 10 meters. Peach blossom usually has 1 to several glands; The leaf blade is elliptic-lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, margin serrate, glabrous on both surfaces. Flowers are usually solitary, arising from open leaves, ca. 2.5-3.5cm in diameter, with short pedicels;Sepals 5, base connate into short calyx tube, glabrous. The petiole is 7-12mm long, glandular. The trunk is grayish brown, coarsely perforated. Branchlets are reddish brown or brownish-green, smooth. Flowers are solitary, white, pink, red, double or semi double, march-April. Drupes are suborbicular, yellow-green, densely covered with short villi, fruit ripe from June to September, depending on the variety. Peach blossoms are mainly divided into fruit peach and flower peach two categories.V arieties of dark red, scarlet, pure white and red and white mixed color changes in color and double and double species. 

Peach blossom is a traditional Chinese garden flower or tree. Peach blossom is a beautiful tree with dense branches and colorful flowers. It is one of the most important flowers or trees for early spring.

The fruit of a Peach tree is a famous fruit; Peach stones can be pressed for oil;Its branches, leaves, fruits and roots can all be used as medicine; The peach wood is fine and hard enough for carving. 

Peach blossom growth habit

Peach blossom likes light and wants good ventilation; Peach blossom has good drainage, drought tolerance, fear of waterlogging, such as by waterlogging 3 ~ 5 days, light deciduous, heavy death, cold tolerant. In east China, North China, it can generally open in winter.

Light loam for Peach, keep half the moisture content. Peach blossom is not alkali resistant soil, also do not like the soil is too sticky heavy, do not choose fertilizer, the rest of the ecological habits are roughly similar to plum. However, the growth potential and branching force were stronger than those of plum, but could not last long, and began to decline from about 20 years old.

The average tree age can last 20 ~ 40 years. Peach trees into the flower, fruit age are early, usually after planting seedlings 1 ~ 2 years that is the beginning of the flower fruit, 3 ~ 5 years into the fruiting period. Peach blossom has rapid growth, a year can send 2-4 secondary shoots. The root system is developed, fibrous root is more; Transplanting is easy to live. The flower bud has 1 ~ 3 per node, few sessile, flower and leaf roughly at the same time extraction, leaf after flower full form.

Most Peach varieties have long branches as the main part of flowering and fruiting, but a few Peach varieties, such as longevity Peach, flower and bear fruit on short or medium branches. Flowering in eastern and central China is more than in late March, fruiting in June to September.

Peach blossom

Peach blossom distribution

Peach blossom is a native of central and northern China and has a long history of cultivation. It gradually spread to neighboring Asia, from Persia to the West, where its Latin name Persica means Persian. It is grown in China, France, the Mediterranean, Australia and other warm places. Its reproduction is based on grafting.

In the fall it is best to add some bone meal. It is now widely grown throughout China.

Peach blossom's main Values

Ornamental values

The spring season to wenzheng Road peach blossom is a brilliant, simple micro - travel. Liying ornaments, swarms of bees dancing, the fragrance of flowers intoxicate, the garden of spring is not closed, only waiting for the praise of tourists. Peach blossom attracts many new couples to take wedding photos here, the bride appears particularly beautiful against the background of red flowers and green leaves.

Medicinal value

Defecation helps reduce swelling, edema, ascites, constipation and dryness.

Peach blossom