White Lace Flowers (Orlaya Grandiflora) Profile: Plant Info & Care Guide

Written by Maggie

Dec 07 2021

White Lace Flowers (Orlaya Grandiflora) Profile: Plant Info & Care Guide

White Lace Flower, scientific name Orlaya grandiflora, also called Minoan lace, is native to India and Sri Lanka. White Lace Flowers are distributed in low altitude thickets and grasslands. The White Lace Flower stands for wisdom, reason, and is the guardian flower of Aquarius.

White Lace Flower Picture

White lace flower

Characteristics of White Lace Flower

White Lace Flower Stems

Stem of white lace flower is much branched, slender, nodal reddish, smooth glabrous, 2~3 m high.

White Lace Flower Leaf

Leaves of White Lace Flower are alternate, petiole base enlarged and clasped; Leaf blade is papered, rectangular oblong-ovate to ovate, 4 -- 10 cm long, 1.5 -- 5 cm wide, with conspicuous lateral veins, with 2 caducous auricles at base; Apex mucronate or acuminate, base tapering, entire or microwave-shaped, glabrous.

White Lace Flowers

Spicate of White Lace Flower is terminal, 5 -- 25 cm long; Calyx is tubular, ca. 1 cm long, 5-ribbed, densely covered with long glandular hairs, with viscous glands, viscous; Corolla is salvate, white or white and bluish, corolla tube slender, lobes 5, spreading; White Lace Flower has 5 stamens, separated from corolla. Flowering period is in summer.

White Lace Flower Fruit

Capsule is membranous, cap crack, was long elliptic.Fruiting period of White Lace Flower is from autumn to winter.

How to Frow and Care for White Lace Flower

Soil for White Lace Flower

White Lace Flower likes loose and fertile slightly acidic soil, so it is not suitable for cultivation in alkaline soil. In order to ensure its healthy growth, White Lace Flowers can be cultivated with garden soil, leaf rot soil and coarse sand.

White Lace Flower Light & Temperature Care

White Lace Flowers love sunshine, so they should be kept in the sunshine for about 6 hours every day during their growth except in summer. Shading should be properly carried out in summer to avoid sunburn caused by too strong ultraviolet rays. The suitable growth temperature of White Lace Flower is between 18 ℃ and 25℃.

White Lace Flower Watering

In summer, the White Lace Flower needs to be watered once a day in the morning and once a day in the evening, at the same temperature as room temperature, so as to facilitate its growth and development. White Lace Flower can be watered once every three to four days in early autumn and once every seven days in winter.

Fertilizer for White Lace Flower

During the growth of White Lace Flowers, a lot of nutrients are needed, so fertilizer should be applied every 15 days or so. When the White Lace Flowers sprout, nitrogen fertilizer is mainly applied, and a small amount of phosphate and potash fertilizer should be applied after May to make the flowers bloom more exuberant.

White Lace Flower Pruning

After the White Lace Flower blossoms, the sick and dead flowers should be cut off. Generally, the flowers will bloom again in about 20 days. The more White Lace Flowers are cut, the more lush they will grow.

White lace flower

How to Propagate White Lace Flower

1. Sown method: you can choose the soil with good drainage and ventilation that is free of diseases and pests. Bury the newly purchased White Laces flower seeds in the soil and cover them with coarse vermiculite.

2. Cuttage: in late spring or early autumn, it is the appropriate time to cut White Lace Flower. Clean vermiculite or perlite can be selected as the substrate.

Usually after cutting to the root to 20-30 days or so, this stage to keep the soil in the basin moist, plastic film can be covered, during every day to water, so as to improve the cutting success rate.

White Lace Flower Pest Control

Pests and diseases of White Lace Flowers are rarely encountered, and powdery mildew is a common disease. Generally, a large amount of White powder often appears on the back of old leaves of White Lace Flowers. At this time, it is necessary to cut off the disinfected and damaged leaves with scissors, and new branches and leaves will grow out soon.

History of White Lace Flower

White Lace Flower -- pure and flawless

The Assyrian empire princess legend naturally beautiful, attracted the admiration of the new king of Babylon, but the princess of the king is so cold, soon after the new king of Babylon has launched the war against the Assyrian empire, and stormed the princess live in the city of Nineveh, when the new king of Babylon went to the palace princess found the princess had committed suicide, the second day in the city of Nineveh is long out of the white flowers around, sending out the pure beauty.

Blue lace flower -- melancholy

Legend has it that in ancient Rome in the second century BC, there was a kind girl and her boyfriend fell in love with each other. Later, the boy was seduced by the frog witch, and the magic made him gradually neglect the girl.The girl sat in front of the window all day and cried in front of the blue snowflake. The truth was finally touched by the heaven. The gods in the sky ordered the crane to hold the doll, the God of Love, and put it on her bed.

White lace flower