Nematanthus wettsteinii profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 16 2020

Nematanthus wettsteinii profile

Nematanthus wettsteinii is a perennial herb of the genus Snapper in the family Vinneriaceae, having a base that is semi-woody. The Nematanthus wettsteinii plant is found in Costa Rica and Panama.

Nematanthus wettsteinii likes high temperature, high humidity, negative environment, if placed in the sun for a long time, too dry or too low temperature in winter will cause deciduous leaves.The suitable temperature for the growth of goldfish chlorophytum is 18 ~ 22℃, avoid low temperature. If the temperature for two consecutive days is below 10℃, the leaves will begin to turn yellow, dry hair, until the very slight vibration will take off the leaf. In addition to the low temperature, the temperature continues to exceed 30℃, and will also fall. In summer at a high temperature, nematanthus wettsteinii growth is very slow or almost stops growth, we should take appropriate shade measures at this time, in order to make its growth exuberant, do not take leaves.

Nematanthus Wettsteinii picture

Nematanthus Wettsteinii

Nematanthus Wettsteinii morphological characteristics

Nematanthus wettsteinii is wound herbaceous, glabrous, slender, cylindrical, 2-5 m long. Leaves broadly are ovate, nearly broad, ca. 6-15 cm long, deeply cordate at base, entire or mostly 3-lobed, lobes acuminate, lower middle lobe contracted, lateral lobes coarsely toothed or redivided, dark green, abaxially pale, glabrous; The petiole is 3-10 cm long.Cincinnix, to 1 side, up to 35 cm long (including pedicels);Flower stalks are 4-8 mm in length; Bracts are small; Sepals are oblong, 5-6 mm long, including awns 2 -- 3 mm long; The corolla is initially red, gradually yellowish to white, short tubular, ribbed, slightly curved, coronal eaves expanded into an altar, 17-20 mm long, mouth slightly contracted, 5-dentate, coronal base narrower, 5-8 mm long; Stamens and styles are extending twice as long as corolla, filaments filamentous, long and curved, base pubescent, anthers elliptic.Disc lobed 5-lobed.Ovary glabrous, style filiform, stigma 2, capitate. The capsule is broadly ovate, 6-8 mm long.Seeds 4 or fewer. 

Nematanthus Wettsteinii

Nematanthus wettsteinii distribution range

Nematanthus Wettsteinii is cultivated in Tengchong, Yunnan, which was introduced into the botanical garden of Yunnan Institute of Botany in recent years (it was introduced in Shanghai). Originally from Mexico to Central and South America, it is widely cultivated in tropical countries.Ornamental plants for beautiful gardens.

Nematanthus Wettsteinii growth environment

Nematanthus wettsteinii likes high temperature, high humidity, negative environment, the suitable temperature for growth is 18 ~ 22℃, avoid low temperature, the temperature should not exceed 30℃ continuously. 

Nematanthus Wettsteinii