Marjoram Profile

Written by Joy

Nov 02 2020

Marjoram Profile

Marjoram is the name of a scented perennial herb native to the Old World. It can be used as a flavoring agent in cooking. Wild marjoram, or potted marjoram, can grow up to 30 to 76 cm tall. The broad leaves are oval, and the flower clusters are sparse and pinkish purple. This plant is commonly found in fields and roadsides in the eastern United States and can be made into oregano spice.

Marjoram morphological characteristics

Sweet marjoram

Sweet marjoram is the most widely cultivated variety, usually called marjoram, and is native to the Mediterranean coast and Turkey. The main producing areas are France, Germany, Italy, and other places. It is a semi-hardy perennial herb with red stems. The plant can grow to a height of 30-60 cm. The leaves are ovate, 2.5 cm long, light or grayish-green. The flowers are white, sometimes pink. For the Lamiaceae family, sweet marjoram leaves are sweeter than Oregon and pot marjoram.

Potted Marjoram

Potted marjoram, also known as French marjoram, is a creeping, perennial, hardy variety native to Sicily. Cultivation is common in the Mediterranean region, but this variety is rare in the United States. The plant grows slowly before flowering, and the aroma of the leaves is milder, not as good as sweet marjoram, and slightly bitter, but not as strong as Oregon. The plant can grow up to 45-60 cm high and grow in small clusters. The leaves are heart-shaped and dark green. They are born on hairy stems and the stems are slightly red. The potted marjoram has white or pink flowers in dense clusters. In medical treatment, it has an excellent curative effect on the digestive system and abdominal colic in children.

Marjoram growth habit and growing environment and distribution

Sweet marjoram is native to the Mediterranean coast and Turkey. The main producing areas are France, Germany, Italy, and other places. The potted marjoram is native to Sicily.

Marjoram efficacy and role

The taste of marjoram is sweet, with a slightly irritating bitter aroma, which relaxes the nerves and can relieve headaches and insomnia. Especially drinking it after a meal can make people sleep soundly at night. Not only that, but it can also eliminate toxins in the body and help digestion. Drinking it when there is no appetite can also stimulate the appetite. Every medicine store sells dried leaves. Marjoram has been used as a spice since ancient times, suitable for tomato and meat dishes.