Lewisia cotyledon profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 12 2020

Lewisia cotyledon profile

In the rock garden, you can often see a plant called Lewisia cotyledon. This plant is also popular among gardening enthusiasts. Let's learn about Lewisia cotyledon together.

What is lewisia cotyledon

Lewisia cotyledon is a flower-viewing succulent. The flowers of lewisia cotyledon are white with pink or purple patterns, which are very beautiful. Lewisia cotyledon grows on steep rocky slopes and vertical gaps between rocks. In recent years, it has been the new favorite of rock gardens dominated by alpine plants.

Lewisia cotyledon picture

Lewisia cotyledon

Morphological characteristics of Lewisia cotyledon

Lewisia cotyledon root fleshy basal rosette leaf cluster, between 10-12cm in diameter, obovate-shaped leaves are spoon-shaped, 7.5cm long, whole or wavy. The panicle grows at the terminal, about 25cm high. The flower is white with red veins, red halo or red stripes, the petals are 8-10, spread out, and the length is 1.2cm. Flowering period is between early spring and summer.

Growth habit

Lewisia cotyledon is not resistant to cold, and likes humid in spring and dry in summer. It is suitable for well-drained, deep and easy gravel soil. Prefers half shade, but in humid climate areas, sunshine is suitable. Suitable for fertile, deep sandy soil. Avoid drought and heat intolerance.

Distribution range

It is native to the mountains of the central west coast of the United States. Mainly in the mountainous areas of northern California and southern Oregon. Later, they were often used as beautification plants in rock gardens, and gradually became popular among gardening enthusiasts. They were made into bonsai and distributed throughout the country.

Lewisia cotyledon