Helipterum manglesii profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 26 2021

Helipterum manglesii profile

Helipterum manglesii is a plant of the order Chrysanthemum, Compositae. Helipterum manglesii is a kind of herb, also known as tinctoria, kimedia, and hairy chrysanthemum. Helipterum manglesii is native to Western Australia; Helipterum manglesii is an annual herb. The growth rate is medium.Leaf tips ovate, grayish green. Inflorescences are Daisy, petals papery red, pink, or white, summer and early fall. Flowers dry easily. Plant height is 30cm, crown diameter 15cm. 

Helipterum manglesii picture

Helipterum manglesii

Morphological characteristics of Helipterum manglesii

The whole plant height is tens of centimeters to half a meter, the flower stem erect and slender, Compositae, Helipterum Manglesii genus. helipterum manglesii is an annual herb, about 60 cm tall. Multiflowered, semi double, 5 cm stems, long, fast, easy to grow. A head with a yellow tube at the center surrounded by pink or white papery scaly bracts tinged with silver, hence the name. Helipterum manglesii originate from Australia. Cultivated in China, plant height 20 ~ 30 cm. Leaves are alternate, elliptic, entire, sessile.Inflorescences terminal, pedicels fine hard; The buds are round and peach-shaped, wrapped by the pink and white translucent bracts into fish scales, with a unique appearance, drooping at first, and turning to the upper side when opening; Peach color such as wax system, for natural dry flowers.

Ecological habits of Helipterum manglesii

Suitable temperature for germination: 15-20℃.

Growth temperature: 8-20℃.

Days to germinate: 15 days

Sowing in autumn and flowering in spring, like sandy and muddy.

Helipterum manglesii

The distribution region of Helipterum manglesii

Helipterum manglesii is native to sunny mid-latitudes, they do not grow well if cultivated in half-sun or shade; But if the sun is too strong and easy to burn. Helipterum manglesii likes a warm and cool environment, avoids high temperature and humidity, because it is not easy to grow in Taiwan, so the flower market is less to potted flowers sold, more common in the cut flower market. Because the petals are waxy, they are ideal for dry flowers and do not change color when dried.

Function and use of Helipterum manglesii

Helipterum manglesii is suitable for cut flowers and dried flowers.

The cultivation method of Helipterum manglesii

Flowering summer and autumn like mild climate, avoid high temperature wet and direct light. Sand and fertile soil is advisable. Seeds propagate and germinate at an appropriate temperature of 15 ~ 20℃. Helipterum manglesii is not resistant to transplantation and is often protected over winter after live broadcasting in autumn. Helipterum manglesii is suitable for pot and flower beds, and is a good dry cut flower material.

Helipterum manglesii