Giant fleece flower profile

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Apr 23 2021

Giant fleece flower profile

Giant Fleece Flower (scientific name: Persicaria polymorpha) is a perennial twining vine of the genus Giant Fleece Flower of the Polygonaceae family. It has thick tuber roots, long oval shape and dark brown. Giant fleece flowers is a healthy valley shrub, hillside forest, ditch edge stone gap. It is a common precious fine Chinese medicine.

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Giant Fleece Flower

Giant fleece flower info

Botanical Name Persicaria polymorpha
Common Names Giant fleece flower, knotweed, white fleece flower
Plant Type Herbaceous perennial
Sun Full sun
Hardiness Zones 4–9 (USDA)
Flower color White
Native Area Asia
Mature size 3–5 ft. tall, 3–4 ft. wide

Morphological characteristics of giant fleece flowers

Stem branches

Giant Fleece flowers are perennials. The root tuber is hypertrophic, long oval, dark brown.Stem twining, 2-4 m long, much branched, longitudinally angulate, glabrous, slightly scabrous, proximally lignified.


Leaves of Giant fleece flower are ovate or oblate, 3 -- 7 cm long and 2 -- 5 cm wide, apically acuminate, base cordate or subcordate, both surfaces scabrous, margin entire; Petiole is 1.5-3 cm long; Stipules are  membranous, oblique, glabrous, 3-5 mm long.


Inflorescences of Giant fleece flowers are paniculate, terminal or axillary, 10 -- 20 cm long, branched spreading, with slender longitudinally ribbed edges, densely raised along the ribbed edges; Bracts are triangular-ovate, protuberance, apically acute, with 2-4 flowers per bract; Pedicels are slender, 2 -- 3 mm long, proximally articular, fruiting prolonged; Giant fleece flowers have 5 perianth, lobed, white or pale green, perianth segments elliptic, unequal in size, outer 3 larger dorsal winged, enlarged in fruit, perianth suborbicular in shape, 6-7 mm in diameter; Giant fleece flowers has 8 stamens, filaments proximal wider.


Achene ovate of Giant fleece flower, 3-ribbed, 2.5 -- 3 mm long, dark brown, lustrous, enclosed in persistent perianth.

Ecological habits of giant fleece flower

Giant fleece flowers grow in valleys, under forests on slopes, rock crevices at gullies, 200-3000 m above sea level.

The propagation of giant fleece flowers

Seed propagation

Direct seeding can also be transplanted.Sow seeds in spring with row spacing of 30-35cm. After applying human and animal dung water, sow seeds evenly into the ditch and cover with soil of 3cm. Seedling height of Giant fleece flowers is 5cm time seedling, plant spacing about 30cm.

Cutting propagation

In spring, select the stems and vines of vigorous and healthy plants free of diseases and insects. Cut them into cuttings of about 25cm, and each root should have about 3 nodes. The row spacing is 30-35cm, the plant spacing is about 30cm, and the hole depth is about 20cm. Put 2-3 pieces in each hole, and avoid inserting them upside down. Cover the soil tightly, apply human and animal manure.

Division propagation

When collecting root tubers in autumn or before sprout in spring, dig out the budding tillers around the rhizosphere, select the plants with good growth of stems and fibrous roots and dig holes according to row spacing of 30-35 cm and plant spacing of 25-30 cm.

How to grow and care for giant fleece flowers


You can develop massive fleece flower in full solar to partial shade, however you will get the pleasant flowering if the flora get at least 5 or six hours of daylight per day. Too a lot color can make this very tall and top-heavy plant floppy.



Giant fleece flower is effortless to develop and extensively adaptable to a range of soils. That being said, it is usually happiest in a combination that is moist however well-draining. It can tolerate dry stints periodically (though mustn't be saved that way for an prolonged length of time) and is no longer precise about its soil pH.


Water your large fleece flower plant as soon as a week at some point of its developing season, and at some stage in the summer, growing your cadence if imperative due to specially heat or dry weather. Additionally, large fleece flower can tolerate barely boggy soil, making it a correct choice for planting close to a lake, pond, or stream. When watering your plant, purpose the move of water at the base or roots of the plant in order to keep away from fungal ailments in its dense foliage.

Temperature and Humidity

Giant fleece flower is a reliably hardy perennial in USDA hardiness zones four to 9. It's tolerant of heat, humidity, and relatively tolerant of drought as soon as it has been mounted in a garden.


Fertilizing your large fleece flower flora is not necessary. In fact, doing so can simply minimize the range of blooms that it produces. If you sense like your plant wishes a boost, you can amend the soil with some natural matter.


Giant fleece flower flowers require very little preservation in order to thrive. Cut returned the old, lifeless foliage in early spring, earlier than new increase starts offevolved (the thick stems are hole and reduce easily). You ought to prune it returned after the cease of summer season if you prefer, however it appears so excellent in the fall that you may additionally prefer to maintain it standing. If you choose a shorter, bushier plant that blooms later in the season, you can shear the whole plant in late spring, as you would with different fall bloomers such as asters.

Disease control of giant fleece flowers

The main diseases of Giant fleece flowers are leaf spot and root rot.

Method of prevention and cure

50% topbucine WP 800 times, 50% carbendazim WP 800 to 1000 times or Bordeaux (0.5:0.5:150) can be used for the control of leaf spot. 70% tobuzine wetted powder 800-1000 times or 75% chlorothalonil 1500-1500 times liquid injection stem base, has a certain control effect on root rot.

The distribution area of giant fleece flower

Giant Fleece flowers are distributed in southern Shaanxi, southern Gansu, eastern, central, southern China, Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces.

Giant fleece flowers are also found in Japan.

giant fleece flowers

Giant fleece flowers pharmacological effects

Effects on the central nervous system

The results showed that giant fleece flower decoction (60g/kg) could significantly inhibit the memory acquisition disturbance induced by scopolamine in mice.

Reducing blood lipid and anti-arteriosclerosis

The alcohol extracts of Giant Fleece Flower (0.084, 0.84, 8.4g/kg) were intragastrically administrated for 6 weeks, which inhibited the increase of plasma total cholesterol, triglyceride, free cholesterol and cholesterol ester in quails with hyperacidopathy, and delayed the formation and development of cerebral atherosclerosis.

Effect on the hematopoietic system

The water decocted liquor of Giant Fleece Flower (1g/ml, 0.2g/ml) was injected subcutaneously to promote the growth of mouse myeloid granulocytes by in vivo diffusion box method.For mice with hemorrhagic blood deficiency, the production of Giant Fleece flower can increase the erythrocyte count and hemoglobin content in blood.Giant fleece flowers had no significant effect.

The effect on immune function

The decoction of raw Giant Fleece flower and black bean juice mixed and steamed for 32 hours, black bean juice nine steamed and nine sun-dried Giant Fleece flower (product 2) was intragastrically administered at 6g/kg for consecutive 7 days. The experimental results show that the product Ⅰ can enhance the ability of mouse peritoneal macrophage chicken red blood cell, and counter the inhibitory effect of prednisolone on macrophage fine, the product can increase the red blood cell immunity, so that the mouse red blood cell C3B receptor garland rate increases, reduce the immune complex garland rate, and counter the immunosuppressive effect of prednisolone. Giant fleece flower and product Ⅱ had no significant effect.

The effect on metabolism

Gastric administration of Giant Fleece Flower and Giant Fleece Flower alcohol cold extract at 350mg/ mg, respectively, producing Giant Fleece Flower could increase liver glycogen content by 6 times in kidney starved mice, while producing Giant Fleece Flower had no effect. Giant Fleece Flower injection can enhance DNA replication of rat hepatocytes in vitro at 0.16, 0.03 and 0.01mg/ mL.


The water-soluble components of Giant Fleece flower, 0.1 and 1.0g/ mL, decreased the activity of MAO-B in the brain of rats and mice (the activity of MAO-B in the brain of old people and old animals was increased). Giant Fleece Flower decoction (1g/ml, 0.5ml/ ml) can increase the weight of adrenal glands and increase the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in old mice by intragastric administration for consecutive 7 days.

Small anti-blood aggregation

Giant Fleece Flower Powder (4g/kg) can resist ADP-induced platelet aggregation in rats fed in diet for 8 weeks.

The toxicity of giant fleece flowers

LD50 was 5.5g/kg in mice after intraperitoneal injection of raw Giant Fleece Flower alcohol cold extract. There was no death in mice after intraperitoneal injection of Giant Fleece Flower alcohol cold extract at 300g/kg. The LD50 of the mice was 50g/kg. The mice did not die when the Giant Fleece flowerol percolate was 1000g/kg.

 giant fleece flowers