Firecracker vine (Ipomoea lobata) profile

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Aug 31 2021

Firecracker vine (Ipomoea lobata) profile

Firecracker vine (Ipomoea lobata) is also known as Spanish flag. Firecracker vine os a perennial herb of the genus snapdragons in the Gesneriaceae, having a semi-woody base. Firecracker vine likes high temperature, high humidity, negative environment.

Firecracker vine picture

Firecracker vine

The morphological characteristics of firecracker vine

Firecracker vine is a perennial herb of the genus snapdragons in Gesneriaceae, with a half woody base. The stem is the oblique rise, 20-40 cm long, green tender stem, old stem reddish brown; Leaves are simple, opposite, ovate, ca. 3-4 cm, apex apiculate, fleshy, dense green, back to the main veins red; Flowers are solitary in leaf axils, about 2-3 CMS, 5 sepals, the corolla is lipped, distended lower part, apex 5 lobes, orange-red, yellow lobes, interlopes red; Stamens borne on petals, anthers adherent.

The leaves of the firecracker vine are dark green and thick. Flowers are orange, smallmouth, big belly, the shape resembles a goldfish. From a distance, it looks like a goldfish roaming leisurely in the middle of the green water plants, which is interesting and appealing.

Firecracker Vine is a Firecracker in spring and summer. Capsule, similar to the Sphalanx family.

The ecological habits of firecracker vine

Firecracker vine likes high temperature, high humidity and negative environment for Firecracker Vine. If it is placed in Yang for a long time, it will cause falling leaves if it is too dry or the temperature is too low in winter. It is the easiest for Firecracker vine to come out in winter, which is related to the temperature. The suitable temperature for the growth of Firecracker Vine is 18 ~ 22℃, and low temperature is taboo. If the temperature is lower than 10℃ for two consecutive days, the leaves will start to turn yellow and dry, and it will come off when they vibrate slightly. In addition to low temperature, when the temperature continues to exceed 30℃, leaves will also fall. In the high temperature of summer Firecracker vine, it grows very slowly or almost stops growing, then shading measures should be taken appropriately to make it grow vigorously and not take off its leaves.

Firecracker Vine is originated in tropical America and grows at an appropriate temperature of 18 ~ 26℃. The average family can be put in indoor bright window or shade on the balcony. At high temperature and humidity, it is easy to cause soft rot and death of stems and branches. Cultivation soil should be loose, well-drained, the soil can not contain calcareous, it is better to be acidic. During hibernation in winter, the temperature should be controlled at 15℃.

Potted plant breeding

Most Firecracker vines are cultivated in a hanging bowl, but also can be used in an ordinary bowl. Generally put in a sunny place is good, but the sun is too strong at noon when the appropriate shade, keeps the soil surface slightly moist.

How to grow and care for firecracker vine


The optimal growth temperature of Firecracker vine is 15-25 degrees Celsius. In Guangdong, the temperature of spring, summer and autumn is all suitable for the growth of Firecracker vine. However, if the temperature is lower than 5-7 degrees Celsius in winter, we should pay attention to cold prevention and heat preservation.


Firecracker vine likes water, in the growth of the boom period, to keep the basin soil completely wet. In the winter dormant period, wait until the pot soil surface about a centimeter deep dry before watering again. If the soil is too dry, it will cause the foliage to temporarily discolor and only return to its original color after being watered again, while the leaf tips may become permanently brown, greatly reducing their ornamental value.

Firecracker vine also likes higher air humidity, so in summer and autumn when the climate is dry, increase the air humidity around the plant through spraying measures, otherwise the top or edge of the leaf may also appear scorched.


Has begun to grow small plants of Firecracker vine, every half a month can be applied to a nitrogen-based top dressing.


Firecracker vine is suitable for easy, fertile sandy loam.

Light and Ventilation

In addition to having sufficient sunshine for the Firecracker vine in winter, it shall have more shade in other seasons. In spring, summer and autumn, it shall shade 60% ~ 70% of the sunshine, or hang it in the outdoor shadow shed or in the cool and ventilated place under the shade of big trees, and it shall accept scattered light instead of direct sunlight. Such an environment is very suitable for its growth. Before Firecracker vine blossoms in winter, it should be properly lighted, so as to make it blossom in numerous and colorful colors.

Firecracker vine

Firecracker vine propagation

Firecracker Vine is propagated by the cutting method. In spring and autumn, cut the branches about 10 cm long, 3 to 4 sections as cuttings, and put them in a slotting bed with coarse sand as the substrate. Keep high humidity and the temperature at about 20℃, and it is easy to root and survive.

The breed classification of firecracker vine

Common varieties

C. micricrophylla, also called button snapfish, from Costa Rica. Stems slender, branching rambling. Leaves opposite, leaflet.Flowers solitary leaf axils, orange red.Flowering period spring, summer.

C.stavanger. Also known as Starfish, a cross-bred in Norway. Sprawling, overhanging.Flowers large and plentiful, scarlet, winter/spring.

C. magnifica, also known as whale fish flower.Costa Rica, Panama. Stems erect, branches hairy.Corolla scarlet.

C. magnifica, also known as whale fish flower. Stems erect, branches hairy. Corolla scarlet.

In addition, there are bulbous snapdragons, thin-hair snapdragons, Adam snapdragons and other varieties.

The distribution area of the firecracker vine

Firecracker Vine is produced in Costa Rica and Panama.

Firecracker vine uses

The family pot

It is a Firecracker with dense branches and leaves, and the stems and tendrils hang naturally. At the peak of flowering, a large plant can blossom more than 100 at the same time, and the flowers are large and colorful, quite spectacular, so it is a very ideal shade-loving hanging foliage and flower appreciation plants. It is very suitable in the greenhouse and indoor garden as an epiphytic potted plant, but also as a family hanging appreciation.

Ornamental value

Before Firecracker vine blossoms in winter, it should be properly lighted, so as to make it blossom in numerous and colorful colors. When cultivating in family basin crane, can put at bright, ventilated indoor, can put all the year-round, appreciate.

Firecracker vine garden purposes

It is suitable for Firecracker vine in greenhouses and indoor gardens, and can also be used as hanging plants for ornamental purposes in the family room.

Firecracker vine