Eternal flame profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 05 2021

Eternal flame profile

Eternal Flame, a leafy plant of the Araceae family, should be familiar with this plant, native to the tropical regions of The Americas, planted in southern China. The branches and leaves of bamboo taro grow thickly, the plant shape is full, the leaf surface is thick green and bright, the leaf back is purplish red, form bright contrast, use for indoor putt admire, can decorate in the place such as bedroom, sitting room, study, and so on, its appear condense gas, quiet mind, especially the gas that unfurl in the heart, can offer long-term appreciation.

Eternal Flame picture

Eternal Flame

The morphological characteristics of Eternal Flame


Eternal Flame is a perennial herb. Plants are clustered, 15 cm to 30 cm high.


Eternal Flame leaves are elliptic, 14 to 16 cm long and 7 cm wide, whole, slightly undulate, olive green or dark green, reddish or reddish brown back. 


The inflorescence of Eternal Flame is drawn from the leaves, usually above the leaves, bracts orange, small yellow flowers blooming inside, sepals 3 separate; The corolla tube is short or long, lobes 3, 1 usually large and more or less hooded externally; Staminodes 4-2, 1-2 (sometimes absent) petal-like, larger; 1 of 2 in inner wheels, one of which is hollow, enclosing style, one of which is hard leathery; Stamens developed 1, petal-like, anther L compartment, on one side; The ovary is inferior, 3-1; It has 1 ovule in each compartment; The style is oblique, curved, widened, stigma 3-lobed.


The fruit of Eternal flame is a capsule or berry; It has 1-3 seeds, hard, endosperm and artefact.

Eternal Flame's flowering in winter and spring.

Growth habits: Eternal Flame likes warm and humid and bright light environments, not resistant to cold and drought, afraid of hot sun exposure. It should be fully watered in the growing period, to keep wet, but the soil should not water, loose and fertile, drainage good permeability, and rich in humus of the slightly acidic soil.

The distribution area of Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame is native to Brazil in South America. It is introduced and cultivated in China.

Eternal Flame


The purpose of Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame has an underground rhizome or tuber, the leaves are solitary and large. In addition to an open leaf sheath at the base of the leaves, at the junction between the leaves and the petiole, there is also a significantly expanded joint, called "leaf pillow", which contains water storage cells and has the role of regulating the direction of the leaves, that is, the leaves stand upright when there is enough water at night and spread out when there is insufficient water in the day, which is a characteristic of Araceae plants. In addition, some Eternal Flame also has "sleep movement", that is, leaves spread out during the day, night equivalent, very strange.


The leaves of Eternal Flame are colorful and highly ornamental, and most of them are shade plants with strong negative tolerance and adaptability. They can be planted in the shade of gardens, parks and roadsides. In south China, more and more kinds of Eternal Flame have been applied in landscaping. The planting method may be piecewise, clustered or arranged in combination with other plants. In the north, it can be cultivated in ornamental greenhouses for ornamental landscaping.

Indoor decoration

Eternal Flame can be planted directly in the corner of hotels, shopping malls, large venues and other public places for permanent decoration due to its strong negative tolerance and beautiful leaves. However, in the process of cultivation and management, the illumination should be properly supplemented and the leaf should be sprayed with water regularly to improve the air humidity.

Potted plant leaf cutting

It is one of the most famous indoor leaf-viewing plants in the world because of its beautiful shape, colorful foliage, strong negative tolerance and simple cultivation and management. Large varieties can be used to decorate the halls of hotels and shopping malls, small varieties can adorn the balconies, sitting rooms, bedrooms and so on.In the process of cultivation and management, every time put a period of time. We should put it in the balcony, windowsill sunshine stronger place, enhance illumination, with long-term view and admire. As a result of the color of the leaves, with striking markings, it is a high-grade leaf cutting material, and can be used as a direct flower arrangement or as a lining.

Eternal Flame