Crassula rogersii profile

Written by Maggie

Aug 24 2021

Crassula rogersii profile

Crassula rogersii is a fleshy perennial shrub plant of the genus Cylinosaurus in the Chrysanthemum family. Crassula rogersii is native to the southern region of South Africa and cultivated in China as an ornamental potted plant in the family. 

Crassula Rogersii picture

Crassula Rogersii

Morphological characteristics of Crassula Rogersii

Crassula rogersii is easy to caespitose, stem thin columnar, light green, cool season in the sun will turn red. Leaves are opposite, fleshy, leaves long 3-3.5 cm, leaf image miniature of the Liuqin or spoon, leaf margin yellow or red, in sufficient sunlight, leaves will become thick and full, the whole leaf cover fine fluff, grow chubby, hairy, very lovely, new leaves out of the malposition.   

Crassula Rogersii ecological habits

Crassula Rogersii likes a warm, dry and sunny environment. Crassula rogersii is afraid of low temperature and frost and snow, resistant to half shade. Suitable growth temperature is 15-25℃, and in winter is best not lower than 5℃, so as not to harm the plant. The soil requirement is not strict, with peat soil and coarse sand had better.

The Crassula Rogersii method of propagation

Crassula rogersii plants need to be re-cut every 2-3 years; Propagation methods mainly by cutting propagation, can be carried out throughout the year, to spring, autumn rooting fast, high survival rate, select neat branches and leaves, inserted in the sand pot, inserted after about 20-25 days to take root, root length of 2-3 cm can be on the pot.

Rod inserted

Crassula rogersii is mainly propagated by cuttings. The neat branches and leaves are selected and inserted into a sand basin. Rooting takes place about 20-25 days after insertion.


Isolation is another method of propagation for Crassula rogersii. Clustered crassula rogersii can be separated from the mother plant and implanted into another container, which has a high survival rate.

Crassula Rogersii

The Crassula Rogersii growing method

The temperature

Crassula rogersii growth suitable temperature 15-25 degrees, winter is not less than 5 degrees, the best move into the indoor ventilated place, safe winter.


Crassula Rogersii prefers a warm, dry, sunny environment and is not tolerant to low temperatures.


The selection of soil matrix, the overall requirement of Crassula rogersii is loose and breathable. We can choose cinder mixed peat soil, a small amount of perlite, the proportion is about 6:3:1, the soil surface laying river sand.


In the Crassula rogersii growing season watering is generally dry and watered thoroughly, plum rainy season and high temperature season generally watering 1-2 times a week, winter to keep the basin soil dry.


Fertilization during the Crassula rogersii growing period is usually done once every 2 months.

Crassula rogersii pest control

Crassula rogersii is mainly affected by brown spot disease, leaf spot disease harm. We can spray a fungicide every month.Insects have red spider, scale insect harm, and we can spray 40% dichromate 1000~1500 times liquid. 

Crassula rogersii application

Crassula Rogersii is a cute, chubby, cuddly figure used to decorate desks, end tables, windowsills, etc.

Crassula Rogersii