California brodiaea

Written by Maggie

Mar 04 2021

California brodiaea

California brodiaea, scientific name Brodiaea californica, is the national flower of Azania, a shrub plant, native to California, United States. California brodiaea is generally for autumn planting, covering 30 to 15cm, easy cultivation, extensive management.

California Brodiaea likes sunny, loose sandy loam. 15 species of the same genus. California brodiaea(B. tellaris) is also commonly cultivated, California Brodiaea (B.Coronarla), etc.

California brodiaea picture

California brodiaea

Morphological characteristics of California brodiaea

California Brodiaea has subterranean corms, corms covered with a fibrous plasma membrane. Leaves are linear, extracted from the base, leaves 2-3. Flower stems are 45 -- 60cm long, umbels with 2 -- 12 florets, perianth spreading, base conjoint into a tube, light purple to pansy flowers.

California brodiaea is usually planted in autumn with 30 to 15cm covering. It is easy to grow and extensively managed.

The ecological habits of California Brodiaea

California Brodiaea likes sunny and sandy loam soil. 

California Brodiaea likes warm, slightly dry and sunny environment, not cold, suitable for cool water, avoid standing water, requires loose and well drained acid soil. It can grow on mountains from 0 m to 1500 m above sea level

Growing methods of California brodiaea

The soil for California brodiaea seedlings needs to be well drained. Growing period, summer needs cool, dry climate, scorching sun when appropriate shade.

Winter needs warm, sufficient sunshine and a slightly higher air humidity environment. Flowering and growing period, appropriate watering.

Spring and autumn fertilizing 1 time, can transform the plant nutritional growth function into reproductive function, inhibit the main shoot crazy growth, promote flower bud differentiation, more flowering, more fruiting, promote development.Improve nutrient throughput. Prevent falling flowers, falling fruit, stiff fruit, deformed fruit production.

California Brodiaea propagation

California brodiaea is commonly propagated by pellet splitting or sowing.

Seed propagation

It is often carried out in autumn, and the seeds will be planted with new fat film. After sowing, the seeds will be kept wet, and the seedlings will not be too wet and slightly dry. When 1 pair of true leaves appears, the seedlings will be transplanted to the pot and placed in a place with sufficient ventilation and light for conservation.

Insert stem propagation

The branches above the semi-lignified position of California brodiaea were cut as cuttings, and 4 to 6 leaves were reserved. The matrix was mixed with peat and perlite at a volume ratio of 4:6, pH 5.5~6.5 and EC less than 0.5.Soak the base of the cutout in 1000ppm indole-3-butyric acid solution for 15 minutes and then air dry immediately. The cutting depth is 1/3~1/4 of the length of cuttings. After cutting, it was managed according to conventional techniques, and transplanted in the field after seedling emergence.

California brodiaea

Disease control in California Brodiaea

California Brodiaea is prone to leaf spot disease and is infested by scale insects and mealworms. Spray a variety of targeted drugs in rotation to avoid developing resistance. Addition of new high lipid film to enhance the prevention and control effect.

Variety classification of California brodiaea

There are 15 species of the same genus. California brodiaea (B. tellaris) is the most common cultivated plant. California Brodiaea (B.Coronarla), etc.

California Brodiaea distribution

California brodiaea is found throughout South Africa and is one of the most popular and widely cultivated flowers. It can adapt to a wide range of soil types, from sea level to 2000 m high mountains.

Use of California Brodiaea

Ornamental value

California brodiaea can vary dramatically in leaf, flower shape, color, and flowering time depending on climate and geography.

California Brodiaea is rich in foliage, large flowers, tall bracts and petals, and unusually beautiful in color. It has a long ornamental life and is ideal for potted plants. It is also an excellent material for cut and dried flowers.

Garden uses of California Brodiaea

California Brodiaea is ideal for flower beds or rock gardens.

The magic number combination of corolla: the combination mode is superposition life spiral, the magic number of corolla is 34, and the number of flower petals of all varieties is 34 or multiple of 34.

California Brodiaea's national flower

California Brodiaea is the national flower of Azania.  

California Brodiaea flower language

California brodiaea flower language: Victory, completeness, prosperity and good fortune.

California brodiaea