Calathea Sanderiana profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 24 2021

Calathea Sanderiana profile

The origin of Calathea Sanderiana is Brazil and other places in South And Central America. Calathea Sanderiana welcomes the warm, moist and semi-shaded environment. As Calathea Sanderiana is resistant to shade, it is very suitable for beautification and greening of domestic homes. It can be placed in a brighter room for a long time, and placed in a darker room for 4-6 weeks, without too much influence on its growth, so it can be placed in a darker room for a long time, and it can also grow well.

Calathea Sanderiana picture

Calathea Sanderiana

Calathea Sanderiana morphological characteristics

Calathea Sanderiana is a perennial herb with roots. Stems are usually unbranched, thinly branched. The plant height is usually 60-100 cm.Leaves basal or cauline, leaf blade elliptic, 25-30 cm long, 8-15 cm wide. On both sides of the main veins there are white bands and dark green bands interfacing into a pinnate arrangement with bright contrast colors. Inflorescences are solitary, bracts 2 to several, usually spirally arranged, bracteoles membranous. 3 Sepals are nearly equal. The corolla tube is as long as or longer than sepals. The outer wheel staminodes 1, very rare, hard leathery 1 similar, with a lateral lobe. The capsule dehiscence is 3, and the fruit valve is detached from the central axis. Seeds are triangular, dorsal convex, arariae with 2-lobed

Calathea Sanderiana's growth habits

Calathea Sanderiana loves the warm, wet and bright surroundings.It is not resistant to cold or drought, and it is afraid of the scorching sun. The growing period should be fully watered to maintain moisture, but the soil should not water.It is advisable to use loose and fertile soil with good drainage and air permeability, and rich in humus.

Calathea Sanderiana

Key values of Calathea Sanderiana


Calathea Sanderiana leaves are colorful and highly ornamental. And most of them are shade  plants, with strong shade tolerance, strong adaptability, and can be planted in the garden, park under the shade of trees or roadside. In South China, more and more kinds have been used in landscaping. The planting method may be piecewise, clustered or arranged in combination with other plants. In the north, it can be cultivated in ornamental greenhouses for ornamental landscaping. 

Indoor decorate

Calathea Sanderiana, due to its strong negative resistance and beautiful leaf color, can be directly planted in the corner of hotels, shopping malls, large venues and other public places for permanent layout. However, in the process of cultivation and management, the illumination should be properly supplemented and the leaf should be sprayed with water regularly to improve the air humidity. 

Potted plant leaf cutting

Calathea Sanderiana is one of the most famous indoor leaf-watching plants in the world because of its beautiful shape, colorful leaves, strong negative tolerance and simple cultivation and management. Large varieties of calathea sanderiana can be used to decorate the halls of hotels and shopping malls, small varieties can adorn the balconies, sitting rooms, bedrooms and so on. In the process of cultivation and management, Calathea Sanderiana should be put in the balcony, windowsill sunshine stronger place, enhance illumination, with long-term view and admire. As a result of the color of the leaves, with striking markings, it is a high-grade leaf cutting material, and can be used as a direct flower arrangement or as a lining.

Calathea Sanderiana