Brilliant campion (Lychnis fulgens) profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 02 2021

Brilliant campion (Lychnis fulgens) profile

Brilliant campion (scientific name Lychnis fulgens Fisch.) is a plant of the genus Lychnis in the family Caryophyllaceae. Brilliant campion is a perennial herb, 50-80 cm tall, roots tufted fusiform, slightly fleshy, vertical stem.

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Brilliant campion

Morphological characteristics of brilliant campion

Brilliant campion is a perennial herb, 50-80 cm tall, pilose throughout. Roots are fascicled, fusiform, slightly fleshy. Stem is erect, unbranched or distally branched.Leaf blade is ovate-oblong or ovate-lanceolate, 4 -- 10 cm long and 2 -- 4 cm wide, rounded at base, sparsely wide cuneate, not stipitate, apically acuminate, coarsely hairy on both sides and margins. Inflorescences of Brilliant campion are dichasium with several flowers, few with many flowers, compact corymbiform; Flowers are 3.5 -- 5 cm in diameter, pedicels 3 -- 12 mm long; Bracts are ovate-lanceolate, herbaceous, densely pilose and ciliate; Calyx of Brilliant campion is cylindric, 15-20 mm long, 3-3.5 cm in diam., late distally puberulent, thinly white villous, denser along veins, calyx teeth triangular, apex acute; Stamen is stalk ca. 5 mm; Petals are dark red, claws not exposing calyx, narrowly lanceolate, ciliate, segments obovate in outline, deep 2-lobed to 1/2 of segments, lobes elliptic, sometimes apically inconspicuous serrata, with 1 linear lobule on both sides of the segments; Corolla of Brilliant campion is long elliptic, dark red, fimbriate; Stamens are slightly exserted, filaments glabrous. Capsule is oblong-ovate, 12-14 mm long; Seeds are kidney - shaped, about 1.2 mm long, hypertrophic, black - brown, with lactic convex. 

The ecology of Brilliant Campion

Brilliant Campion is sunny, cool, dry, drought-resistant, and not strict with soil.

Brilliant Campion's distribution

Brilliant campion was produced in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Sichuan and other provinces occasionally cultivated. Brilliant campion was born in low mountain sparse forest, shrub meadow wet ground.Japan, Korea and Russia (Siberia and Far East) also have them.

Brilliant Campion growing methods

Site selection and preparation

Choose sandy loam with good drainage as well as calcareous soil. When preparing the land to turn over more than 20cm, the application of decayed farm manure 800~1000kg/ acre. Make bed or bed, width 1.2m.

Field management

During the Brilliant campion growth period, weeding and soil should be timely loosened to avoid the breeding of weeds. Topdressing is done once a year before flowers. For medicinal use, the whole grass can be harvested in summer and autumn. As a flower can overwinter on the ground.

Brilliant campion

Brilliant Campion propagation

Seed propagation

Spring sowing and autumn sowing, with autumn sowing is good, seed germination suitable temperature is 20 degrees.


Spring, autumn can be divided into plant propagation, generally 1~2 years of plant 1, can make the plant development exuberant, and prevent recession. Brilliant campion can also be rooted propagation, the root fracture and soil surface level, the root bottom deep into the soil, in half shade conditions, at the fracture to give birth to adventitious buds, that is, the formation of new plants.

Disease control for Brilliant campion

Leaf spot disease, can spray Bordeaux liquid and other copper fungicide control; Cutting Qiu Luo rust, can spray Fu Mei iron, powder rust Ning and other chemical control.

Brilliant campion landscape value

In the garden, Brilliant campion is usually arranged in a natural way. Brilliant campion can be planted or used as background material, or as cut flowers.

Brilliant campion