Blue throatwort (Trachelium caeruleum) profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 25 2021

Blue throatwort (Trachelium caeruleum) profile

Blue Throatwort  (Trachelium caeruleum)is a perennial herb. The flower plant of Blue Throatwort is about 60 ~ 90cm high, the leaves are alternate, long ovate to elliptic, the apex is acute and the edge is serrated.  

Blue throatwort likes warm and sunny, flowering in summer and autumn.

Blue throatwort picture

Blue throatwort

Morphological characteristics of blue throatwort

Blue throatwort is a perennial herb, often lignified at 0.6 to 1.2 m high. Leaves are simple alternates, leaves ovate, 8 cm long, apex acute, margin acuminate doubly serrate.

Inflorescences of blue throatwort are terminal, flowers small and many, corolla white or dark Blue, tube thin long tubular.

Blue throatwort flowering in summer and autumn.

Ecological habits of blue throatwort

Blue throatwort is fond of warm and sunny weather. It is sown in the north and flowers in the same year. Blue throatwort is cultivated as annual flowers for overwintering in the open ground in the south and flowers in summer and autumn.

How to grow and care for blue throatwort

Seed number: 650-1000 / g

Germination temperature: 18℃

Germinating days: 7-9 days

Growth temperature: Day: 15-18 ℃ Night: 13-15 ℃

Light loving habits: full light

Sowing to flowering (in large containers) : 18 -- 22 weeks

Cultivated plant height: 35 cm

Every 3 pots moved into the same 15 cm basin or large container cultivation and ornamental effect is best. Apply 100-200ppm20-10 -20 compound fertilizer weekly. Cultivate the "love" series in long and sunny conditions.It has the most compact plant type.

The Blue throatwort height could be inhibited by extending the sunshine duration. Three weeks after transplantation, the plant was irradiated with an incandescent lamp, so that the daily sunshine duration could reach more than 16 hours. During this period, 5000ppMb-9 solution was administered again every 10-14 days.

After application of B-9 solution, the edges of the leaves may be slightly burned, and the damaged leaves will be quickly replaced by new leaves.Another common treatment is to remove the core and reapply B-9. Transfer 3 pots a year to a 15cm bowl or larger container.

3 weeks after transplantation, segment 3 was removed, and a 5000ppMB-9 solution was applied 27 days later, followed by a second application 7 days later. With the second method, the harvest time is 7-14 days later than with the first method.

How blue throatwort propagates

Blue throatwort is commonly used for seeding or sowing.

Blue throatwort

Species taxonomy blue throatwort

The common colors of Blue throatwort are purple, purplish red, and white.

Devotion Series

Blue Throatwort, a cut flower that has long been a favorite of flower arrangement artists, now has a new variety of potted plants and flower-bed varieties suitable for small environments. The "love" series consists of three varieties of medium height, which perform well in garden, landscape and yard cultivation.Suitable for 6 inch (15 cm) pots, 20 cm standard pots or other larger containers. As indoor potted flowers, the varieties of finished plant height 30 cm. If moved outside in a sunny area, the beloved can grow to between 75 and 90 centimeters. Leaves elegantly shaped, large central umbels surrounded by smaller marginal umbels or associated inflorescences.The flowers are light and elegant.Plants are most compact when grown in long daylight/high light conditions or when grown in supplementary light.

Lake Series (LAKE)

It is a widely used variety of cut flowers favored by flower arrangement artists. It is often matched with other flowers to form a bouquet or formed an elegant bouquet alone. A large umbels surrounded by fringed umbels or associated inflorescences. Natural branches are well behaved and do not require the use of plant growth regulators. The leaves are light and elegant. Blue Throatwort is a long-day flowering plant, but both Forest Lake species can also flower in short-day conditions.

1324 island lake/pink, anniversary bloom.

Blue forest lake/medium blue, flowering from autumn to the following spring.

White forest lake/pure white, flowering time consistent with "blue forest lake", autumn and winter flowering.

223391 White Lake Michigan/Pure White; The earliest flowering white Blue throatwort grass variety. Flowers in late winter and early spring.

92853 modified lake Powell/white, flowering earlier than the original variety, late spring to summer.

92555 Modified Sunset Lake/wine red, available for annual flowering.

92855 modified lake superior/earlier blooming, deep purple flowers.Produced under summer conditions, flowering is better than the original variety. Flowers bloom in spring and autumn.

Summer blue wonder/light blue.It blooms in summer.

88129 adds inner chain summer lake superior/dark blue. It blooms in summer.

The distribution area of blue throatwort

Blue throatwort is native to the Mediterranean region.

Uses of blue throatwort

Potted role

Blue throatwort flower is a very beautiful and charming indoor potted flower, with a simple and elegant fragrance. Give people a kind of pure aesthetic feeling. Often pair with other flowers to make a bouquet or make an elegant bouquet alone to give.

Use the most beautiful Blue throatwort grass in the florist shop, so that you can place your thoughts, and we will help you to convey.

Landscape use of blue throatwort

Blue throatwort is often used to decorate flower beds and flower borders in gardens, and is a good ornamental ground cover.

Blue throatwort